Senator Hezekiah Dimka, Plateau Central & President M. Buhari

Part 2 : The Journey So Far – Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka – Daily Watch Press

Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka was sworn-in on the 11th June, 2019. Since then, he commenced his legislative duties with utmost hard work and dedication. He is guided by the conviction that a life so blessed should be lived in service to others.

Being a trained administrator and icon of development, his performances in the act of legislation so far in spite of his brief stay in the red chambers further demonstrate his untiring resolve to not only improve but to transform the lives of the people of Central Plateau, Plateau State and Nigeria as a whole. The tempo of development, progress and constituency projects in Plateau Central Senatorial District under the Distinguished is steady and unprecedented.

However, may we at this moment for the purpose of constructive engagements and benefit of doubt recall the functions of a Senator as a member of the Red Chambers.

The Senate is one of the Chambers in Nigeria’s bicameral legislature, the National Assembly whose power to make laws is summarized in chapter one, precisely, section 4 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution (As Amended). The Constitution has vested in the National Assembly the power to make laws for the peace, order and good governance of the Federation.

The Assembly also has broad oversight functions and is therefore empowered to establish committees of its members to scrutinize Bills and the conduct of government institutions and officials. The Constitution confers exclusive powers to the Senate among them; is the power to scrutinize and confirm major appointments of the Executive arm. It is, however, specific about the appointments to be confirmed. They are those of the Ministers, Special Advisers, Ambassadors, and top Judicial Officers heading specified levels of courts, the Auditor-General of the Federation, and the Chairmen and Members of the vital National Commissions.

Since commencement of legislative activities one year ago and in line with his Constitutional mandates, Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka has worked to push forth some initiatives/Bills that appealed to the middle and lower classes. His actions are refined in response to public sentiments aimed at improving the people’s values and specific welfare sectors manifesting his achievements which reflect his legislative interests as education, security, agriculture, women and youth development. These are briefly highlighted:


As a Senator, he serves on a variety of committees and chairs the Senate Committee on Drugs and Narcotics. Though, not given to frivolities, Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka is more on the quiet but visible side. Nonetheless, as an achiever, he is one of the few Senators, the 9th Assembly relies upon to push its agendas. His Bill sponsorship and voting records indicates that he is a loyalist to the Nigerian project. He is considered to be among the most active members of the Red Chambers. Some of the Bills he sponsored and presented on the floor of the Red chambers include:

  • Bill for the establishment of Federal University of Technology Kabwir (awaiting second reading)
  • Bill for the establishment of the institute of information and communication technology Kanam (a degree awarding institution)
  • Bill for the upgrade of NDLEA Training Institute Jos.

Driven by the zeal to give back to his constituency, he became the first among others to establish a constituency office in fulfilment of Constitutional requirements. This office is located at Pankshin. It is furnished and open to all members of the constituency. The office is maned by seven (7) staff drawn from the five (5) LGAs of Plateau Central Senatorial District.


Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka is increasingly known as a trusted and stabilising force within the Plateau Central Senatorial District. This is because of his quick response to calls in events of celebrations and disasters be it man made or natural. He quickly responded when the news of attacks in Bokkos, Kanke and Mangu LGAs got to him. Being the first senior government official to visit the scenes, he donated relief materials worth millions of naira in order to reduce the impact of loses suffered. More important, he forwarded a memo to National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) for appropriate action. On a different occasion, he had course to visit Bokkos when there was a fire incidence in a market.

Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka donated money to those who lost valuables in the inferno. He has also visited and identified with families of who have lost their loved ones. The most recent was the Late Rinji Peter Bala who was murdered by an STF personnel.

A man whose ideologies are people centred, he is unassuming and target driven. His main focus is the wholistic development of the people. He had on different occasions distributed trailer load of food and gift items to the people during celebrations. In one of such occasions, he donated many bags of rice and cows to Christians during Christmas celebration and to the Muslim community, during Salah celebrations.

Currently, Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka is engaging with security agencies to ensure that all the necessary laws and funds needed to ensure the safety of lives and property in the Central zone and the State as a whole, are put in place in order to mitigate future occurrences of security bridges.

Early this year when the Covid-19 infection was declared a global health pandemic, most nations of the world quickly locked down in order to limit the spread of the virus. Nigeria was not left out in the adoption of this approach but this came with unintended consequences of economic hardship. Being a man who cares about the well-being of his people, he cheerfully donated relief materials worth millions of naira as palliatives to the State Government Committee on COVID-19 for onward distribution to the vulnerable people of the State. This gesture was immediately acknowledged by the state governor as he was the first within his political class to have made such significant contribution to the State.

Driven by practical love and concern for the welfare of his people, Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka secured and distributed grains and other assorted food items and sanitizers worth over ten million naira (10,000,000.00) to the needy in his constituency.


In order to sustain his people cantered developmental strides across the central zone, he set in motion frameworks which continued to drive the process in fiscal prudence, transparency and strategic intelligence. In doing this, he appointed 117 special aids selected from the 5 LGAs of Plateau Central Senatorial District. This was a purposive action directed towards poverty/unemployment reduction among the youth of Plateau Central Senatorial District. He has established and maintained a vibrant yet, functional liaison offices across the five LGAs of Plateau Central Senatorial District in order to remain not only close to the people he represents but connected as well. This is the reason why most of his developmental approaches are people centred. The Distinguished Senator went on to lobby for permanent and pensionable appointments to some youths with Federal government agencies, ministries and parastatals including higher institutions with a promise and strong indication that more are on the way.


The people of Plateau Central Senatorial District are predominantly farmers who are known for their dedication, honesty and peaceful disposition. Perhaps, these qualities placed them in the fore as people who are thirsty for development. They vigorously eschew things that weaken their greatness and are guided by the believe that patriotism cannot be substituted for any form of divide. They do not doubt the power of collective ideals rather, the people trusted the Senator to be the great force for change and they do not despair but believed in the promise and greatness of Senator Dimka to provide the ideals of governance and quality representation. Distinguished Senator Dimka reciprocated this trust as he is the first among present and past representatives who donated 3 trailer load of assorted fertilizer to the good people of Plateau Central Senatorial District. He followed this up with other financial donations in support of community mobilization efforts and developments with a promise to do more

Indeed, the negative perception of non-performance of the National Assembly has changed remarkably due to the distinguished efforts as exemplified in his numerous achievements in one year in office as the Senator representing the dedicated people of Plateau Central Senatorial District.

The new and exciting leadership direction, enduring stability and credible performance level of the Senator stems in part from the maturity, high sense of responsibility and gravitas demonstrated by Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka in his first year in office.

As we roll into the second year, we are sure he will consolidate and improve upon this foundation to enhance Democracy and its dividents.

Source: Comrade N. D Shehu Kanam, Senior Legislative Aide to Senator Hezekiah Dimka.


Mr. Peter Ekpe, Writer, Poet and an up coming Scholar, Lives in Kaduna State, Nigeria.


The lockdown hunger is a guillotine
The hangman of the poor is the opportunistic robber;
nefarious officials stealing higher than 419ers
Only good at making laws foisted round our jugulars

Why no drums in Nigeria beating the revolutionary alarm
Drums to inspire valour in the youths despite of any harm
Most we all surrender and be dump like this forever?
To the shades of religion, we always seek for cover

The disease of myopia amongst us is in gigantic scale
Not even an atom of our education could keep us safe
Able-bodied men become broken limbs and powdered bone
Most ladies is Nigeria think alike like some Barbie clone

We continue to follow blinding light down a crooked path
The clamour of mammoth poverty will be the aftermath
We are not just cowards only to a virus
caught by shaking hands
For there is no inscription on the epitaph of a common man

After Corona, crime will makeup her face like a naughty street girl
Attracting young bloods, where countless gangs will gel
I see springs of ambition flooded through the gutters
Normal ways of living certainly will begin to stutter

A fresh master plan reverberates in their secret places
And is felt across the globe, testing all races
The pyramid has no place for the ecological balance of the poor
The tales of Revelation makes me ponder more

The exploits of technology brings forth a Savage culture
The media is the make-up artist of the face of a Vulture
To the claws of bio-terrorism, Africa we fall prey
Covid-19 is the confusion and world power are ready to play

Rivers of Tears will be shed and all religion will loudly pray
While our politician’s loot will end-up in a foriengn shopping spray
Like the avowal of failure, we say everything is to blame
Good economy comes with a cost. Are we ready to play it’s game?

So like a trabadour, let my poem traverse the nation
Changing our mindset to start the revolt conversation
The Mutants of corruption have made Nigeria the home to stay
Join the uncanny X-Men to fight and save the day.

Note: Your comments and criticism will be highly helpful to writers and Daily Watch Press.



The Forgetting Pan Africanist, Walter Rodney was born on 23rd March, 1942 in Guyana (Caribbean). He attended the University College of the West Indies (UCWI) in Jamaica on scholarship also graduated on 1963 with first class degree in History there by winning the faculty of art prize.

He earned a PhD in African History on 1966 at Oriental and African studies in London, England at the age of 24.

He lectures at the university of Dares Salam in Tanzania also at the alma mater university of (UCWI)
He was also Called to take up a position as a professor at the university of Guyana, but the Guyanese government prevent his appointment.

Rodney travelled widely and well know internationally as an activist, scholar, orator and Pan Africanist and was important in the Black Power movement in the Caribbean and North America. While living in Dares Salam he was influential in developing a new centre at African learning and discussion.

Due to his oratory prowess he was ban by the government of Jamaica via the University College of West Indies
This action warrant protests by student and which escalated into a riot resulting to six death.

Rodney wrote a record-brokening book “How European underdeveloped Africa” on 1972.
This book became enormously influential as well as controversial.

On June 1980, he was killed at the age of 38 by a bomb in his car, a month after returning from celebration during independence in Zimbabwe in a time of intense political activism.

After his assassination, Rodney received several honours. In 1993, the government of Dr Cheddi Jagan posthumously gave him the country’s highest national award, the Order of Excellence, and the Walter Rodney Chair in History was established at the University of Guyana.

Judiciary Autonomy: Gov Senator Okowa Signed Bill Into Law

Judiciary Autonomy: Gov. Senator Okowa Signed Bill Into Law – Daily Watch Press

Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, the Delta State Governor, has signed the Judiciary Autonomy Bill into law as the State Chief Judge, Justice Marshal Umukoro, commended both the governor and legislature for the speedy process culminating in the signing of the bill.

The Bill which was titled, ‘The Delta State Judiciary Fund Management (Financial Autonomy) Law, 2019’, the law provides for the management of funds accruing to the state judiciary from the consolidated revenue fund of the Delta State.

Section 6 of the Law provides that the Delta State Judiciary shall have the power to manage its Capital and Recurrent Expenditure in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

The commencement clause, shows that, the law comes into force from the 23rd day of January, 2020.

Reacting to the development, the State Chief Judge, described the action of the Governor Okowa as a bold and laudable step towards granting the judiciary the much-desired autonomy despite the challenges that attended the legislative process.

While lauding the Delta State House of Assembly for ensuring the speedy passage of the Bill, he said that autonomy would enhance speedy dispensation of justice in the state, improve work conditions and facilitate development of infrastructure.

Justice Umukoro gave assurance that “the judiciary would live up to its constitutional responsibility and ensure prudent management of funds accruing to it,” saying that with the assent to the bill, Governor Okowa had restated his unalloyed commitment to the growth and development of the Judiciary.

He assured of the fostering of the existing level of cordiality and harmonious relationship between the Executive and Legislature and the Judiciary in Delta State.

President Buhari Met Gov. Masari Over Bandits – PRESIDENCY

President Buhari Meets Masari Assures of More Efforts to Improve Security.

Malam Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant to the President (Media & Publicity), has yesterday in a statement about the puspose of Gov. Masari visit to President Buhari, states that:

“President Muhammadu Buhari has assured people and government of Katsina State of renewed efforts, and review of operations, to improve the security of lives and property in the state, and other parts of the country.

The President, in a meeting with Governor Aminu Bello Masari, at the State House on Thursday night, said bandits, who have committed crimes against innocent citizens in the state, and across the country, will not be spared.”

Garba Shehu further states that:

“President Buhari warned bandits to surrender their weapons, or face “disgraceful and violent ends’’.

The President said more decisive military operations against bandits in Zamfara, Sokoto, Niger, Katsina and Kaduna States will be under taken.”

“President Buhari commiserated with Gov Masari over the loss of lives from attacks by bandits, which include District Head of Yantumaki, Alhaji Atiku Maidabino, and APC Chairman in Batsari Local Government Council, Alhaji Abdulhamid Sani Duburawa.” the statement finally reads.

Security: Nigeria Army Neutralized Over 70 Terrorist In The Ongoing Operation

Major General John Enenche, the Coordinator, Defence Media Operations, Defence Headquarters disclosed that, more Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists killed and others Surrendered as troops sustains onslaught against all Criminal Elements in the Country. Where is a press release he stated that:

“In continuation of the aggressive clearance operations across the North East, on 3 June 2020, troops of Army Super Camp 6 Konduga, Borno State in conjunction with Borno State Civilian Joint Task Force, conducted a deliberate ambush operation against BH/ISWAP Terrorists at Lawanti River line and neutralized 6 of them, while others escaped with gunshot wounds.

Furthermore, resulting from sustained artillery bombardments and ground assaults against BH/ISWAP Terrorists hideouts, more are surrendering to troops of Operation LAFIYA DOLE. On 2 June 2020, 3 of them namely: Mohammed Babagana, Modu Jugudun and Alhaji Usman surrendered to troops of Delta Company at Strong Response Area Pulka in Gwoza LGA of Borno State. The trio confessed to having escaped from their Boko Haram Camp in Dabulari Village, Bama LGA of Borno State after a heavy artillery bombardment of the Camp by troops that led to the death of many of their erstwhile colleagues. During interrogation, they confessed regretting their actions and called on their former colleagues to give up the struggle and save themselves from unprofitable death.”

General Enenche, continued that:

“Relatedly, on 2 June 2020, the combined troops of 19 Brigade and 401 Special Forces Brigade conducted a robust clearance operation at Doron Naira and Magaji. In Doran Naira, troops recovered one 120mm Mortar base plate, one religious book, metal links for-Aircraft ammunition and a roll of copper wire abandoned by the Boko Haram criminals before the arrival of the own troops. Also, at Daban Magaji, troops had an encounter with some Boko Haram Terrorists hibernating in the area. The valiant troops, through superior fire neutralized 9 of them. Additionally, the troops destroyed one Boko Haram Gun Truck as well as captured one Anti-Aircraft Gun, 2 AK 47 Rifles, and a large cache of Anti-Aircraft ammunition. However, one officer paid the supreme price while one soldier was wounded in action. The soldier wounded in action is currently receiving treatment in our military medical facility.

Similarly, on 1 June 2020, troops of 144 Battalion deployed in Madagali, Adamawa State briskly cleared BHT Staging Area and Crossing Points at Lemu, Gajinji and Tsakiraku. During the encounter at Gajinji, troops neutralized one terrorist and arrested 2 adult females namely: Aishatu Manye and Kelune Mate identified to be the local BHT commander’s wives.”

“In the North West Region, on 3 June 2020, troops of Operation WHIRL PUNCH acting on credible information raided a bandits’ Camp at Kurmin Dande in Chikun LGA of Kaduna State. During the operation, troops made contact and neutralized 2 of the bandits while others escaped with gunshot wounds. The troops recovered 2 Dane guns, 2 motorcycles, one locally fabricated short gun, 4 cutlasses, 3 cell phones, 2 small solar panels and some clothing items before destroying their camp.

Consequently, the Chief of Army Staff, congratulates the gallant troops for their resilience, courage and dedication to the noble cause of defending our fatherland. The High Command of the Armed Forces of Nigeria also encourages the troops to continue to be steadfast and focused as they sustain the onslaught against the enemies of our nation.” the General concluded.

Football: Eminrate FA Cup Set To Return After The Covid-19 Break

Football: Emirate FA Cup Set To Return After The COVID-19 Break – Daily Watch Press

The English football shut down like all other leagues around the globe at the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic scare.

Before the pandemic, the Emirate FA Cup was concluded and the following teams qualified to the Quarter Finals; Norwich City, Manchester United, Shefield United, Arsenal, Leicester City, Chelsea, Newcastle United and Manchester City.

The new fixtures shows that when the Emirate FA Cup resumes: Norwich City vs. Manchester United will be played on Saturday 27th June, 2020, 5:30Pm, Shefield United vs. Arsenal will be played on Sunday 28th June, 2020 by 1Pm,Leicester City vs. Chelsea will also be played on Sunday 28th June, 2020 by 4:00Pm and the Newcastle United vs. Manchester City match will still be on Sunday 28th June, 2020, by 6:30Pm.

All the matches will be played behind closed doors and fans can only watch them through BT Sports and BBC channels.

Food Security: Gov. Zulum In Dikwa COMMUNITIES To unveil initiative for farmers

Food Security: Gov. Zulum In Dikwa Communities To Unveil Initiatives For Farmers.

A recent report shows that Gov. Zulum is trying to prepare farmers ahead of upcoming rainy season, Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum (Professor), on Tuesday 2nd June, 2020 criss-crossed farming communities in Dikwa local government area.

The Governor drove through the thick forest, from Kala Balge via Ngala-Marte to Dikwa.

Zulum’s trip to the agrarian communities was to explore how farming activities can be restored in other to create livelihoods for settlers.

Zulum in Dikwa, announced what he called uptakers initiatives, through which thousands of farmers in the state will be supported. He stressed that the initiative will encourage farmers to go back to their farmlands. This is to enable an improved food security in the state.

“The State Government has made arrangements ahead this raining season. Farmers shall be provided with agricultural inputs, we have an arrangement we call “uptakers”, under which all verified farmers in the resettled communities shall be supported.” Zulum said.

To achieve this objectives, Governor Zulum has constituted a committee headed by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Engr. Bukar Talba. This is to ensure farming activities are carried out across the state.

“You have seen that the agricultural potentials of Borno State is unimaginary, very vast, fertile land. From Mafa up to Kala Balge, that’s about 200km. What we intend to do is to utilise this land that were left in the last one decade.”

“This administration has constituted a committee under the Chairmanship of the Commissioner of Agriculture, to cultivate thousands of hectares of land this year. This is to make the state food sufficient, the major crops we intend to plant are; Rice, Sesame, cowpea and sorghum. To meet up to the demands of food supplies in the state.” Zulum said.

Also in Dikwa, Zulum assessed the destruction of Government Teachers College, Dikwa. The Governor after assessing the facility, directed the ministry of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Resettlement to immediately send a technical team to determine the extent of damage.

“Commissioner of RRR (reconciliation, rehabilitation and resettlement), liaise with the ministry of education. Send a technical team to this school to exermine the extent of damage in the school, those that can be renovated and those that cannot be renovated. Make sure you make adequate evaluation, including the parameter fencing.” Zulum said.

Meanwhile, Zulum on his way back to Maiduguri stopped over at Ajiri, a community in Mafa Local Government Area.

The Governor, inspected an estate of 500 houses built to resettle communities displaced by the Boko Haram insurgents.

Governor Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum, Borno State, Nigeria.

The Governor has also paid a homage to the Shehu of Dikwa, Muhammad Ibn Masta II, at his palace.


By his bow tie, you know him. And that distinguishing feature was firmly in place when Dr Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), breezed into the Presidential Villa at Abuja on June 3, 2020.
One of the hallmarks of seasoned, methodical people is patience, refusal to be rushed or stampeded. Since the alleged breach of ethics saga at the AfDB broke into the open, President Muhamadu Buhari had not said much, at least, not directly. He rather watched developments, got briefings, and weighed his options .
Like the seasoned soldier that he was, an officer and gentleman, President Buhari kept his gunpowder dry. Till he fired on Tuesday. And the echo reverberated round Africa, if not the world.
Impatient Nigerians, ever willing to excoriate, had been complaining that the President hadn’t waded directly into the AfDB matter, where one of his citizens was about to be given the shorter end of the stick, in an onslaught led by America, one of the key stakeholders of the bank. When the Ethics Committee investigated and exculpated Adesina, President Buhari hailed the development. When America asked for reinvestigation, leaning on Adesina to step down while the process lasted, Zainab Ahmed, Nigeria’s Minister for Finance, Budget and National Planning, and one of the Governors of AfDB, wrote a decisive letter, condemning and rejecting the decision. On whose behalf did she do that? On behalf of Nigeria, and its President. Yet the professional complainers said the President hadn’t spoken. Their usual refrain is ‘talk to us, talk to us, you must talk to us.’ And when he speaks, they pretend not to hear.
When the fullness of time came, as President Buhari usually elects to do, he spoke personally. And loud and clear.
The aviation sector in both Nigeria, and Abidjan where Adesina is based, were still under lock and key. What to do? President Buhari reached out to the Ivorien authorities for special landing permit, and despatched a presidential jet to fetch the AfDB president, an illustrious son of Nigeria, and a former Minister of Agriculture under the Goodluck Jonathan government.
Adesina and his team of two close aides were seated in the diplomatic room of the Presidential Villa fifteen clear minutes before the scheduled time. This writer was also there, along with some Ministers and senior aides of President Buhari.
On the dot of the hour (he rarely misses it), President Buhari strode in. Ramrod straight, a fact that belies his 77 years of age. He gave his guest an elbow shake from a distance, which caused us all to laugh. The President was being correct heath-wise, as demanded by the social distancing requirement of the COVID-19 pandemic.
With initial greetings and courtesies concluded, Adesina was the first to talk. He thanked the President for facilitating his visit, and for the support he had always given him as AfDB boss, right from his first election in 2015.
“Thanks for helping me to get elected, and for your unflinching support for me over the years. Thanks for your public statement in my support after the Ethics Committee of the Bank finished its work, and exonerated me of all 16 allegations against me, “ Adesina began.
“I thank God who made me a Nigerian. I thank Him that I was born here, lived here, and want to die as a Nigerian. And on the day of resurrection, I will beg God to let me rise as a Nigerian.”
General laughter.
“Some lies have been concocted against me to render me ineligible for a second term as AfDB president. The bank has its rules, regulations and laws. And part of it is that any allegation must be substantiated with facts, evidence and documents. This is so that there can be believability, and nobody can act out of malice.
“In all the 16 allegations against me, there were no facts, no evidence, no document. The Ethics Committee investigated for three months. They asked for evidence. The accusers could not bring any. My defense was in 250 pages. Not a line of it was questioned.
“The laws of the bank say when the Ethics Committee has concluded investigations, the report must be transmitted to the Chairman of the Governors of the bank. It was so done, and I was exonerated of all the allegations. If I’d been found wanting, then another investigation could be launched. But since there was no charge, that should be the end of the matter, according to the rules. But the accusers want to bend the rules, asking for reinvestigation. They say they don’t trust the rules, regulations, the Governors, and the Board of the bank. Their motive is to soil me, and soil the bank.
“They are leaning on other countries that hold shares in the bank to support reinvestigation, and that I should step aside for that process. It is against the laws, rules and regulations.”
Adesina’s first term ends on August 31, this year. Election should have held by now, if not for the Coronavirus challenge. It would hold before the terminal date, and the African Union has endorsed the incumbent as the only candidate from the continent. Will the accusers muscle their way through, and get an interim administration installed ?
Then President Buhari spoke. He went down memory lane, recalling the role he played as President-elect of Nigeria then, in an election that held on May 28, 2015, a day before his inauguration.
“I personally wrote all African leaders, supporting your candidature. I recommended you, though you were a Minister of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), and I was of the All Progressives Congress (APC). I didn’t because of that withhold support from you. I’ll remain consistent because no one has faulted the step I took on behalf of Nigeria.”
President Buhari pledged to work with all African leaders and stakeholders of the bank to mobilize support for Adesina’s re-election. He said the man had done well, and one good term deserves another.
When people from the north of the country call President Buhari Mai Gaskiya (The Honest One), they know what they are saying. He doesn’t talk tongue-in-cheek. He says it as it is. If any fault had been found in Adesina, he would also have told him point blank that he wouldn’t get support from Nigeria. May God give us more men like the Mai Gaskiya, who don’t call white black, and vice-versa.
In a private chat with Dr Adesina later, he told me something which I would never forget, and which I’ve filed away in my memory. He said it’s a Zambian proverb, which goes thus: “When you’re walking on water, your enemies say you are kicking dust.”
Kicking dust while walking on water? Hahahahahaaaaaaa.
Bad people will always remain who and what they are. Bad.

*Adesina is Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Buhari

More… https://www.femiadesina.com/akinwumi-adesina-the-inside-story/

China REQUIRE 3 oil corporations to transfer the management of half of their liquefied natural gas

Report gathered by Daily Watch Press, shows that China has required the three biggest state-held oil corporations to transfer the management of half of their liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals to the newly created state-controlled midstream firm, Caixin Global reported, citing industry insiders.

The transfer of 10 LNG terminals owned by China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Sinopec, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) is the first step in China’s plan to consolidate the oil and gas pipeline infrastructure into a new giant state-held midstream company.

At the end of last year, China launched the long-mooted state oil and gas pipeline group combining the infrastructure assets of the state-owned energy majors into one huge midstream group, which analysts say could be worth between US$80 billion and US$105 billion.

The new company is part of China’s efforts to allow its energy companies to focus on boosting exploration and production. Combining China’s pipeline infrastructure into one firm and opening access to this infrastructure to foreign and private producers would help the state oil and gas firms to focus on exploration at a time when China aims to increase its domestic production.

Earlier this year, CNOOC said it had signed with the new state pipeline giant to transfer to it the management of oil and gas infrastructure projects. 

The ten LNG terminals that are set to be transferred to the new company include seven terminals currently managed by CNOOC, two terminals managed by CNPC, and one by Sinopec, according to Caixin.

The new state pipeline giant, China Oil & Gas Piping, will initially only have the right to manage the assets, while the oil and gas majors will still own the assets until audits are finalized. After the transfer of the LNG terminals to the new company, there still will be 11 other LNG facilities that will continue to be managed by the three oil and gas majors, Caixin’s sources said.

Source: Oilprice.com

Our Strength lies in truth