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The Poet: Momma’s Word

Adewole Haneephat, A Young Poet & Writer, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The Poet: Momma’s Word

Its a brand new day,
Momma told me to let my pain pass away,
She said I should look at the sky,
I told her if only I could fly.

She said it is quite a mile,
Always hide your pain with a smile,
Decision you make must surely be important,
That I should not choose because I want.

Always attain the best with all your night,
Never let your goal out of sight,
I should decide if its right,
Don’t end your friendship with a fight,
My problem should be my plight.

My momma is my source of inspiration,
With her came my sensation,
Through her came my creation,
She will forever be my motivation,
She will always be my benefactor,
I give thanks to my creator.

Momma told me her love for me can’t be measure,
And that I may not be so sure,
That I am more than a treasure.