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A Gain In Disguise: The Departure of Alhaji Shehu Barau Ningi From PRP!

The PRP Family in Bauchi State has today received the resignation of Alhaji Shehu Barau Ningi from the party without an iota of surprise or disgust.

This public statement wouldn’t had been made, if not because of some issues that Alhaji Shehu Barau Ningi raised in his resignation letter which we consider inimical and injurious to the image and long-lived reputation of our cherished party.

The departure of Alhaji Shehu Barau Ningi from PRP is a conspicuous gain that heralds the future growth and development of the party as has now created a space for all persons with progressive ideals and ideas to join the redemptive bandwagon – the PRP.

Alhaji Shehu Barau Ningi had joined the PRP in 2019 after being tactically trashed from the APC by its leadership which he went back to meet now. He affirmed this in his resignation letter copying the APC Chairman by stating: “I am sure you will recall that my departure from the APC was not as a result of my resignation from the party. It was a result of my total exclusion from the affairs of the party by the leadership of the party”.

The PRP, due to its accomodating nature, accorded him all privileges including giving him the opportunity to steer the activities of the party at Bauchi State level. Even though a number of voices had objected the then decision of the party citing as justifications some unprintable incidences that characterized his existence in his former parties – ANPP, CPC, and APC.

The resignation and total departure of Alhaji Shehu Barau Ningi from PRP has saved a lot of energy and time from being wasted as there were already moves by some patriotic party members to effect his removal due to the stagnant condition which the party found itself since his assumption of its leadership almost two years ago. In this regard, the Bauchi State PRP family members did commend Alhaji Shehu Barau Ningi here for making their work short, brief and accomplished.

Alhaji Shehu Barau Ningi has mentioned in his resignation letter that a conflict in PRP was what majorly moved him to resign. At this juncture, we deem it important to specifically point out that there’s no any political party on earth that exists without one problem or another. It is a natural culture of politics and a part and parcel of human existence. Like any other political party in Nigeria, the PRP cannot be totally perfect and has its own issues that cannot be called crisis if compared with the crises that rocked and continue rocking the party he was going to – the APC. Was it not a crisis that paralyzed and polarized the APC to the extent that they dissolved their National Leadership and formed a Caretaker Committee? Was it not a crisis that destabilized and decapitated the APC to the extent that they arranged to hold extraordinary emergency convention as part of desperate measures to address the lingering and ravaging crises? Was it not the crises in APC that made some of its state governors like the former of Governor of Imo, Senator Rochas Okorocha and others to declare 2023 as its expiry date?

Therefore, citing a crisis that does not exist as a basis for his resignation cannot and will never hold water. We have no problem if Alhaji Shehu Barau Ningi joined the ruling APC in anticipation of appointment, renewal of appointment or any other promises that might be made to him because doing that didn’t start with him and will not end from him in Nigerian politics. But our problem was his intentional action of citing a non-existent problem that would dent the image of our party as his basis for resignation.

In addition, we consider it pertinent to bring to the attention of the general public that there is no any form of conflict among the PRP National Executive Committee (NEC), National Working Committee (NWC), and Board of Trustees (BOT) of the party as alleged by Alhaji Shehu Barau Ningi in his resignation letter. These organs work in synergy and harmony with one another. Recent successes and achievements recorded by the party, particularly at the National Level serve as an indisputable attestation to that.

PRP remains intact and united. Therefore, we urge well-meaning Nigerians, particularly the inhabitants and indigenes of Bauchi State to join the redemptive wagon of Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) now so as to move Nigeria forward and salvage Nigerians.

We thanked Alhaji Shehu Barau Ningi profusely for all his services and contributions to the PRP during his sojourn in the party. We equally hoped he would get what he’s after in the APC sooner rather than later. We pray that they won’t ‘totally exclude him from the affairs of the party’ this time around as they did previously.

Comrade Muhammed Ishaq,
For the Bauchi State PRP Family.

Bauchi PRP Warns BASIEC Against Code of Conduct Bureau’s Interference With Election

The State Secretary of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), Bauchi State Chapter, Alh. Sani Garba Agogo has warn the Chairman,
Bauchi State Independent Electoral Commission (BASIEC), to be careful with the instructions or directives of the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) given to the Commission in a letter dated 8th September, 2020, titled: “Declaration of Assets by Officers Contesting for Elections. The PRP letter reads:

“Sequel to the letter from Code of Conduct Bureau, dated 8th September, 2020, which your enviable office forwarded to the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) among others for our information and compliance, we wish to state as follows:

  1. That this letter is the most unfortunate single but shocking event that confront us since the beginning of this exercise.
  2. That we expect the Commission to reply the Code of Conduct Bureau without forwading same to political psrties as the issue raised is a very clear one that the CCB is only trying to interfare with this long awaited election simpliciter without any legal basis but, perhaps, trying to test the will abd resolve of the Commission.
  3. That even going by the provisions of the Part I of the Third Schedule, paragraph 3(a) of the 1999 Constitution (As Amended) the Code of Conduct Bureau wish to rely on, there is no where it can refer to contestants as Public Officers, as the Schedule only provides thus:
    “3. The Bureau shall have power to:
    (a) receive declarations by public officers made under paragraph 12 of Part I of the Fifth Schedule to this Constitution;
    (b) examine the declarations in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Conduct or any law;
    (c) retain custody of such declarations and make them available for inspection by any citizen of Nigeria on such terms and conditions as the National Assembly may prescribe;
    (d) ensure compliance with and, where appropriate, enforce the provisions of the Code of Conduct or any law relating thereto;
    (e) receive complaints about non-compliance with or breach of the provisions of the Code of Conduct or any law in relation thereto, investigate the complaint and, where appropriate, refer such matters to the Code of Conduct Tribunal;
    (f) appoint, promote, dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over the staff of the Codes of Conduct Bureau in accordance with the provisions of an Act of the National Assembly enacted in that behalf; and
    (g) carry out such other functions as may be conferred upon it by the National Assembly.”
  4. That on the question, who is a public officer under the Constitution in relation to the Code of Conduct Bureau. Our position is simply that if you look at the Part I of the Fifth Schedule, the word ‘Public Officer’ was interpreted to mean: “public office” means a person holding any of the offices specified in Part II of this Schedule; and “public office” shall not include the chairmanship or membership of ad hoc tribunals, commissions or committees”

This takes us to the Part II of the Fifth Schedule where the list of persons who should be referred to as Public Officers for the purposes of the Code of conduct is given as follows:

“1. The President of the Federation.

  1. The Vice-President of the Federation.
  2. The President and Deputy President of the Senate Speakers and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and Speakers and Deputy Speakers of Houses of Assembly of States, and all members and staff of legislative houses.
  3. Governors and Deputy Governors of States.
  4. Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justices of the Supreme Court, President and Justices of the Court of Appeal, all other judicial officers and all staff of courts of law.
  5. Attorney-General of the Federation and Attorney-General of each State.
  6. Ministers of the Government of the Federation and Commissioners of the Governments of the States.
  7. Chief of Defence Staff, Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Naval Staff, Chief of Air Staff and all members of the armed forces of the Federation.
  8. Inspector-General of Police, Deputy Inspector-General of Police and all members of the Nigeria Police Force and other government security agencies established by law.
  9. Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Head of the Civil service, Permanent Secretaries, Directors-Generals and all other persons in the civil service of the Federation or of the State.
  10. Ambassadors, High Commissioners and other officers of Nigeria Missions abroad.
  11. Chairman, members and staff of the Code of Conduct Bureau and Code of Conduct Tribunal.
  12. Chairman, members and staff of local government councils.
  13. Chairman and members of the Boards or other governing bodies and staff of statutory corporations and of companies in which the Federal or State Governments or local governments councils.
  14. All staff of universities, colleges and institutions owned and financed by the Federal or State Governments or local government councils.
  15. Chairman, members and staff of permanent commissions or councils appointed on full time basis.”

We therefore, wish to call the urgent attention of the Commission (Bauchi State Independent Electoral Commission) to be very vigilant in preventing any attempt by any authrity or persons from interfaring with the smooth conduct of the Local Government Council Elections in Bauchi State.

We finally urge the Commission to demand the immediate withdrawal of the directive given by the Code of Conduct Bureau and demand an apology on behalf of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), or we will be left with nothing but a possible alternative of taking the most appropriate action against you.

Please accept the assurances of our best regard.

A Journalist Najeeb Sani Picks APC Nomination Form For Bauchi LG

Najeeb Sani, a correspondent with the Blueprint newspapers and the Financial Secretary of the National Union of Journalists Bauchi State Chapter, has declared interest to contest for the Bauchi Local Government Chairmanship position under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) ahead of the forthcoming polls in the state.

Najeeb made the declaration on Tuesday when he picked the Chairmanship nomination form for Bauchi Local Government Council.

In a press statement issued to reporters in Bauchi, the young journalist said his decision to contest for the chairmanship position is to carry the not too young to run cross. Where he said: “I wish to inform you that I have purchased a form to run for Bauchi Local Government Chairmanship in the forthcoming 17th October, 2020 Election.”

Where he pointed rightly that it is high time for the youth to take their destiny into their own hands.

“We should not only advocate youth involvement in governance but should be bold enough to run for elective offices. And I decided to join one of the major parties. I am contesting under the platform of the APC. I solicit your support and prayers”, the statement read in part.

According to him, many people who contest for local governments offices in the country are not well enlightened and do not know what leadership is all about emphasizing that local governments are important tiers of government that need people with ideas to lead them.

He commended governor Bala Mohammed for deeming it fit to conduct local governments elections considering that the last LG Elections in Bauchi State was conducted in 2008.

Sani, condemned the practice of appointing caretakers to rule over the Local Government and urged Governor Bala to insure that the polls is not to rigged in favour of his party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The Poet: Life of A Comrade

Might’ve been looking great, but I ain’t Ajebota, I came from ‘Average Home’ with negative stories and experiences on today’s struggles.

Ain’t proud, rude or competing with nobody! But radical with confidence, self esteem and determination of changing the whole story.

Gallantly striving all round the clock, for the believe I have in hard works rather than lucks!

The harder I push, the further the dream seems. But I still believe I’ll get there by either running, walking or even crawling!

Loved ones are regretting why I choose to be Comrade, almost the same way friends think it’s a ‘Day Dream’ and a total waste of time.

But to me it’s a ‘Revolutional Mission’ that I’m not prepared to give up, until I open the door for generations to come and prove to them it can be done.

Even if it doesn’t pay off! I’ll not quit or sleep at home! For I rather die on my fits, than to live on my Kneels.

I’ve been Comrade, I’ll always be!
Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta!

By: Comrade Hamza Isa Yashi

COVID-19: Bauchi State Risk Communication Committee Conducts Mega Rally

A report from Bauchi State shows that as part of its renewed commitment towards sensitizing citizens of Bauchi state on all the protocols against infection with the novel coronovirus, the State Task Force on COVID-19 through its Risk Communication, a sub committee has on Sunday evening conducted a mega rally in Bauchi metropolis.

The Chairman of the Risk Communication Committee and State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Honorable Garba Dahiru led the rally alongside SSA Media to the state Governor, Comrade Muktar M. Gidado, State NUJ Chairman, Comrade Umar Saidu as well as other Chairmen of various unions.

Garba Dahiru said the committee is working assiduously to reduce the spread of the coronovirus (COVID-19) across the state.

According to him, the sensitisation rally is to enlighten the citizens on the protocols against infection with the coronovirus especially the use of hand sanitizers, wearing of face masks and maintaining social distancing at public gatherings.

Garba Dahiru also said the administration of Governor Bala Mohammed has provided the enabling environment for the total eradication of the virus in the state.

” I am highly delighted to address you today at the occasion of our mega rally in Bauchi metropolis, we organised this in order to tell the citizens that, COVID-19 is real and we must work together to curb its spread in our society.”

“This rally will afford us the opportunity to sensitize communities of Bauchi metropolis on the COVID-19 pandemic and its negative effect to society.”

” As you are aware, Bauchi State Government under the leadership of His Excellency, is working round the clock to eradicate the virus

As COVID-19 is yet to be over, the Chairman of the Risk Communication Committee insisted that virus is real and stressed the need for people to comply with government’s directives of tackling the disease.

Honorable Garba Dahiru therefore assured that, the committee with the support of the state government, will not relent in mitigating the scourge of COVID-19 in the state.

” I thank all the stakeholders for supporting us towards ensuring the success of this important rally.”

On his part, the Senior Special Assistant on Media to the State Governor, Comrade Muktar Gidado emphasized the need for people of the state to ensure total compliance with the protocols of NCDC against COVID-19 infection.

” As citizens, we should ensure adherence to the COVID-19 protocols, the virus is real and we must protect ourselves against infection.”

The mega rally witnessed large turn out with the participation of critical stakeholders.

Sen. Halliru Buying cars for former GOVERNORS And taking 3.5 billions to purchase exotic CARS BY GOVERNOR Bala, Response To Musa Azare – Comr. Muhammed Ishaq

Gifting Car Fad: Response To Musa Azare

Buying cars for former governors, which was reportedly done by Senator Halliru Jika of Bauchi Central, is wrong, unreasonable and unjustifiable. But we should also remember that taking 3.5 billions to purchase exotic cars for some state government and party officials by the Bauchi State Governor was abysmal, reprehensible, and equally irrational!

As true and sincere citizens, our criticisms should be characterized with air of balance, justice, and unbiased sentiment! We should not consider ourselves scrupulous if we can condemn one person and spare another for similar actions that both committed.

Buying exotic cars for federal lawmakers and party officials with the resources of Bauchi State citizens which the Bauchi State Governor did recently was more terrible and ludicrous and should had been condemned in stronger terms than buying cars for just three former governors which Senator Halliru Jika did, even though both actions are wrong, inconsiderate and irrational!

The position of PDP chairman is not part of the Bauchi State Government but the chairman was among the beneficiaries of the exotic cars purchased by the Bauchi State Governor through the ADDA Nigeria Limited! Is this not more disreputable and morally odoriferous???

But you kept quiet when all these ignominious and unconscionable deals took place!

Perhaps the conscience of Musa Azare was asleep or in hibernation when all these execrable and opprobrious incidents happened.

Or maybe you were observing ‘table manners’. Right?

Anyway, my advice is that our dealings should not be laden with blatant double standard and brazen selectivity!

By: Comrade Muhammed Ishaq,

Headers’ Group Call On Bauchi State Governor To Check Sales of Cattle Routes By Authorities In Shira LG

Headers group named Zaman Lafiya Unity Forum call on the Governor Bala Mohammed to urgently tackle the issue of sales of Cattle Routes in Shira Local Government Area of Bauchi State.

The group through a letter addressed to the Bauchi State Governor, dated 6th July, 2020, by its lawyer, Barr S. G Idrees, reads in part thus:

“Your Excellency, it is a known fact that there are Cattle Routes (Labi or Burtali) which runs from somewhere around Potiskum, Gamawa, Shira, Ningi, Bauchi, Toro, Jos and beyound. And that is the case in all the parts of Nigeria, which have being accessible for the transportation if cattle for ages, but the story is becoming history as some traditional title holders have being using their position and are making huge money from the sales and lease of the cattle route to farmers for farming purpose whuch ia antithetical to the reason for its establishment in the first place.”

The group continued that:

“We have heard reliably that after series of complaint to authority that Shira Local Government is now resorting into leasing out the land to farmers for a fee, ignoring the fact that the users of this cattle routes are not necessarily farmers and most of them are not settlers, as such, they may clash with farmers whenever their cattle came in contact with crops on the Cattle Routes, as no alternative routes were created or provided for them.

Sir, these types of bad practices if allowed to fester, will soon deprived us of the fragile peace we are enjoying at the moment, as this practice is just like setting up a time bomb left to explore at an unexpected time. “

“Your Excellency, our client has previously attempted at trying to find a lasting solution of the issue through the Local Government Council, but it appeared to them that the persons involved which includes the Dagacin Tsafi Umaru Abdulmalik (Late), Sarkin Zainabari (Bello Murabus), Ya’u Teka and Asga Nagalabu, and the Local Government as demonstrated by the Deputy Chairman if the Shira LGA.” The group’s lawyer said.

They concluded by appealing to the Governor to used his office and take necessary steps to avert calamity. And urge him to treat the complaint with dispatch.

Breaking: Governor of Bauchi Suspends The Emir of Misau Over Clashes

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In a shocking statement made available to the public, Muktar A. Gidado, the Senior Special Assistant on Media to the Governor of Bauchi State, disclosed that the Governor has suspended the Emir of Misau today 3rd July, 2020.

Where he said:

“Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed of Bauchi state has suspended the Emir of Misau, Alhaji Ahmed Sulaiman alongside other traditional leaders over the recent communal clashes in the area.

The Governor announced this at the inauguration ceremony of an administrative committee of inquiry into land disputes between herders and farmers in Hardawa District of Misau Local Government Area of the state at the Council Chamber, Government House Bauchi.

The governor said the suspension of the Emir and other traditional rulers is to prevent them from interference in the assignment of the investigation panel.

He recalled that, immediately after the unfortunate clashes, he had summoned a stakeholders meeting with a view to taking proactive measures in dealing with the situation which culminated into the suspension of the management of the local government council.

” Reports recieved from various sources revealed the involvement of traditional rulers, local government officials and some bad elements who have either masterminded or participated in the crisis. As responsible government that has the safety and wellbeing of its people at heart, we would not fold our arms and watch the culprits go unpunished.”

” Following receipt of additional petitions from Chiroma district and other places, the traditional institutions in the area are hereby suspended to prevent interference with the work of the committee. I am indeed convinced with the calibre of members of the panel.”

He assured that any person or group of persons found to be directly or involved in causing the clash would be dealt with according to the laws of the land.

” We are therefore duty bound to make sure that we identify those people and bring them to book. This will surely serve as deterrent to others who have similar intentions.”

Governor Bala Mohammed tasked members of the committee to be transparent, focused and resourceful in the discharge of its assigned responsibilities as their selection was informed by their track records of commitment and hard work.”

“According to him, the terms of reference for the panel include among others, to determine the persons or authorities directly or indirectly involved or connected with illegal allocation of the portion of the forest reserve, to make recommendations on measures to be taken in order to forestall future occurrence and to determine the cattle routes within the forest reserve and identify areas or portions of encroachment by farmers.

The Governor therefore
assured the committee of the full support and cooperation of the state government for the successful completion of its assignment.

Responding, the Chairman of the committee, Retired Air Commodore Tijjani Baba Gamawa, assured the Governor of the readiness of members of the committee to discharge the assignment diligently.” He concluded. Open publish panel

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Bauchi State: Women Empowerment With Ten (10) Bags of Pure Water By The First Lady

The wife of the Bauchi State Governor (First Lady) was reported to have on Wednesday 23rd June, 2020 distribute 10 bags of sachet water to some selected women each, as part of an empowerment program in the State.

This development left many people from within and outside Bauchi State wondering about what could have motivated the First Lady to embark on this seeming show of shame.

The photos have been trending online over empowerment which so many people find it very funny and amusing at the same time.

Many are suggesting better package than the one giving by the First Lady will do for “Women Empowerment’.

As the gesture looks like a mockery of the office of a state governor, as even the wife of a good and focus Local Government Council Chairman can do better.