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Governorship Elections: Voters Education For Edo And Ondo Electorates

When election is afoot, it is the right time to contemplate voter’s education especially in our rural areas. Elections into political offices in Nigeria are often fiercely contested with its attendant challenges. So there is always the air of apprehension and anxieties whenever elections are schedule to hold.

The reasons to educate the electorates and voters in other to prepare them on the right ways to conduct themselves before and after election are critical.

Voter’s education is imperative and cannot be wished away or over emphasizes in quest to strengthen our democracy. The 2019 general election was an interesting exercise that exposed all the intrigues and political gimmick of politicians, posing to us the relevance of voter’s education.

Indeed, voter’s education is associated with insight and knowledge of voter’s rights in electioneering process.

Therefore, little wonder that in developed democracy like US and Britain, voters during election are more informed on candidates, political parties and guidelines of the election.In this, move voters education has positive implication on emergence of political leaders out of election contest.

Fortunately for us, voter’s education would strengthen our democratic process as well as reduce any electoral fraud during the forthcoming governorship election Edo and Ondo state respectively.

This is therefore important to our democracy and national development. Indeed, this has come to the heart of our observations.

The supreme task of voter’s education is paramount to the rural and urban electorates many whom have showed interest on who governed them. This may sound surprising but the current reality of change has reawakened every citizens of this country.

Obviously, has resident and indigene of both Edo and Ondo state prepare for the governorship elections comes in a matter of weeks, to our village people in the rural areas as we refer to them are in need of voter’s education, even though most of them are politically conscious of their socio-political environment.

We hope that voter’s education in its strict sense is to empower the electorates and it is a must that relevant stakeholders would undertake.

Concretely what this voters education means and how it is to be done is simply on the basis of non partisanship, respect for the electorates and devoid of sentiment (religion or ethnic) or hate speeches.

This is possible because voters need to be prepare more than before to avoid their votes been wrongly cast, the right to vote been denial and their fundamental human right not abuse.

We want to the election result to reflect the wish of the electorates, while we desire our voters to cast their vote with informed knowledge of their right to choose who they best trust. Stand and know your right as voters and follow up the result of your votes as good citizens. In all be able to hold the elected official accountable.

By: Adefolarin Olamilekan,
Political Economist and Development Researcher,