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Bauchi State: Women Empowerment With Ten (10) Bags of Pure Water By The First Lady

The wife of the Bauchi State Governor (First Lady) was reported to have on Wednesday 23rd June, 2020 distribute 10 bags of sachet water to some selected women each, as part of an empowerment program in the State.

This development left many people from within and outside Bauchi State wondering about what could have motivated the First Lady to embark on this seeming show of shame.

The photos have been trending online over empowerment which so many people find it very funny and amusing at the same time.

Many are suggesting better package than the one giving by the First Lady will do for “Women Empowerment’.

As the gesture looks like a mockery of the office of a state governor, as even the wife of a good and focus Local Government Council Chairman can do better.

N-POWER: How To Avoid Mistakes During Registration

If you really want to get the N-Power job via the 2020 batch ‘C’ recruitment, there are certain guidelines and procedure you must follow.

This June 26th, as N-Power opens its portal for this year Batch ‘C’ application, you must adhere to these instructions.
N-Power Batch C Registration Guide 2020.

  1. If you’ve changed your name as a result of been married please make sure it reflects on the certificates you’ll be using for application.
  1. If you’ve not done change of name, then use the name as it appears in your papers and in your bank account.
  2. Apply by yourself, don’t give your application to the cafe attendant. Cafe attendants are fond of making mistakes when they aren’t supervised. If cafe attendant must do it for you, be there to correct whatever mistakes he or she will be making.
  1. Check and cross check while applying before you make submission.
  2. One of the most important thing is to ensure that your account number is active, and it’s linked to your BVN.
  3. In order to avoid the issue of unmatched name, unmatched BVN, etc. Make sure you fill the on-line application form as your names appear in your certificates and bank account number.

You could face issue of unmatched name if all your papers and ID bear Timi Ebi, but you go ahead to fill Timi Ebiweni at.k application form.

If your name is Tari, dont go fill Tariye during application.

We have found out that more than 70% of the current beneficiaries who are faced with one issue or other are those who use names that are slightly different in spelling, yet the same meaning and interpretation. Avoid it.

Before you register for N-POWER, carefully check your bank details and register your name the same way it is with your bank details i.e. Account Name and BVN. Failure to do this may put your stipend on hold should you be employed. You can spend up to 6 months without your stipends before it’s corrected.

So, if you are using two names but in your bank details there are three names, register with the three names. And if u are using three names but your bank details are two names, register with the two names.

i. Register your name as it appears in your account name and BVN E.g if your account name is Muhammad, register it like that if u write Muhammed it’s wrong!

ii. Don’t use apostrophe in your name because BVN can’t take it Eg. Mua’zu, Sa’idu, Shafi’u, A’isha etc.

iii. Don’t use an abbreviation in your registration E.g. LAWAL SANI KANOMA don’t write LAWAL SANI K, or UMAR B AHMAD, it’s wrong write LAWAL SANI or write it completely LAWAL SANI KANOMA because BVN can’t take abbreviation.

iv. Avoid changing letters in writing your names E.g. if your name is Bashar don’t write Bashir or Bashiru it’s wrong, if your name is AISHA don’t write Aishat or aishatu it’s wrong, if your name is kabiru don’t write Kabir it’s wrong!

v. Avoid using symbols, dash or fullstop in writing your names E.g. Abdul-rahman it’s wrong write it completely, ABDURRAHMAN. So please inform our family and friends in other to reduced the number of UNPAID Npower volunteers this time.

Some of the reasons you might not get paid are:-
1. No matching BVN.

2. When you have a matching BVN but your names do not match. At least two names must match.

3. Bank account not linked to BVN

4. Providing a non NUBAN account number . NUBAN account number is the 10 digit account number.

5. Using an NYSC account that receives only 19 thousand naira and cannot receive 30 thousand naira.

N-Power Batch ‘C’ Registration Guide is brought to you by: empowermentopportunities.com