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The Poet: Perfection of His Powers

Bloosom by charming air,
Bless by bosom of sea…

Fairing sailor, sails in sea,
Sound has ceased to exist.

Fair tale, in the sea that’s what
I see, sing and dance in the sky.

Narture by nature, tour afar.
I am tored by exciment of the mountain…

Stuck in staring like sculpture,
Ship fairing in the sea is incredible.
If not HE, who! can do that?
Curved and crafted by nature.

Cup of coffee, it’s my favorite.
I am catching cold by the sea side,

Tea can team up the spirit of inspiration.
Seating beside the sea, it’s awesome.

I draw the image with my imagination,
I feel better seeing the image for inspiration, not to impress, for praises…

The wonders of GOD, it’s good…
No one has guts to dare it.
It’s perfection of HIS power.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

The Poet: Appreciate God

When you see the
rain drops from the sky,
you will appreciate the
existence of GOD,

The mountain is fixed beneath
of the earth by HIS will,

Thunder strikes with echoes
in our ears by HIS grace.

The Lightining travels by HIS
command, don’t be in travail,

Sun fades away, the moon takes
over the dark, there stars come
it’s the sign of HIS existence.

Rivers form the ocean all HE wishes,
heat comes send away cold there
harmattan comes when you appreciate.

All seasons seal by HIS grace,
life and death HE owns.

Wealth and health HE gives and take,
which of HIS favour will you deny?

All creatures bow to seek for HIS favour.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha