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The Health Benefits of Eating Bananas

Instant Energy

The sugar like sucrose, fructose and glucose that are available in bananas provides energy instantly to the body of the consumer.

Blood Production

Vitamin B6 bananas is useful in the hemoglobin and antibodies development in the body.

Weight Reduction

Bananas together with skim milk is a very good medicine to reduce your weight.

Constipation and Diarrhea

bananas are given as cure for diarrhea, when processed to ice cream is very effective for curing dysentery.

Cure Symptoms of Excessive Alcohol Intake

Banana milkshake together with little bit of honey is an effective cure for excess alcohol symptoms.

It soothes your tummy, together with milk, it rehydrate your system.

Help to stop smoking

Nutrients like potassium, vitamins ad potassium that are present in banana helps take out the nicotine in the body.

Improve Mood

The amino acid called tryptophan present in banana help in the serotonin production.

Improve Brain Function and Alertness

Potassium available in bananas help in the development of the brain function and alertness.

Kidney disorder

As banana consists of rich carbohydrate content and low protein amount, they are so useful in kidney disorder.

Reduce the risk of Heart Stroke and Attack

Potassium in banana maintains the body fluid and electrolyte balance in the cell and help in BP control, thus reduce the risk of Heart Stroke and attack.

Don’t Combine These Foods or Fruits, It May Lead To Death

This is a feature on foods and fruits which we take daily but when combine or taken together they produced a very serious health challenges that may lead to death. Listed below are Six(6) pair of fruits or food that should not be combined premised on the fact that they can trigger death.

The following are rundown of foods and fruits that should never be combined because they may trigger a deadly consequence and are extremely unsafe to your wellbeing.

This was shown by a Hindi health specialist while attempting to complete an examination on a guinea pig for perception.

They likewise influence the invulnerable framework and when they are combined they produce a negative corrosive that slaughters the platelets.

1) orange and carrot

2) Pineapple and Milk

3) Papaya and lemon

4) Guava and Banana

5) Orange and Milk

6) Banana and Lemon

Note: Orange and Carrot both solid yet can be perilous to one’s wellbeing when combined in type of juice

These things referenced can be perilous to one’s wellbeing when combined in type of juice or some other fluid.

Please! Avoid it as much as you can.

Source: Opera News.

Local Medicine: Home Remedies For Some Common Health Diseases


Get unripe pawpaw, unripe
pineapple, ginger, lime orange and Lipton tea. Cut into pieces, boil with fermented corn water for one hour. Take one glass cup 3 times daily for one week. The ailment will disappear.


Get 7-8 unripe plantain, peel them, cut them to pieces and pound. Put everything inside a plastic container, fill it with one gallon of water. Allow it to ferment for three days. Take one cup 2 times a day for one week. The ailment will disappear.

  1. ASTHMA.

Get some seeds of mango, cut it into pieces and keep under the sun to dry. Grind to powder. Put one spoon of
the powder into a glass cup of water, stir it and drink. Once in a day for 3-4 weeks .


Get 5 seeds of English pear (Avocado pear), cut into pieces and dry under the sun, grind to
powder. Mix with a glass of honey to form paste. Take one spoon, 3 times daily until the 6th day.


Take three teaspoons of salt and one teaspoon of sugar, add half spoon of dry gin. Drink all as a single dose. The cholera will stop immediately.

  1. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. Get 4 seeds of English pear (Avocado pear), cut into pieces, dry under the sun and grind into
    powder. Put a teaspoon of this powder into your prepared palp and drink. Once daily for 2 weeks.
  1. PNEUMONIA. Get a handful of garlic, grind to extract the juice. Drink a spoon and use the juice to rub the chest and back. That will close the chapter.

Get about 10 pieces of bitter cola, grind to powder, add half cup of original honey. Take 2 spoons thrice
daily for 4 days.


Get 20-23 pieces of bitter cola, ginger of equal quantity and 3 bulbs of garlic grind everything and add a bottle of original honey. Take one spoon thrice daily for one


Grind 6 bulbs of big onions, add one original bottle of honey. Take one spoon thrice daily for one month.
alternatively; get a handful of bitter leaf and scent leaves, squeeze out the water in them, add lime(orange)juice, grinded
garlic and small potash. Take half glass of it twice daily for one month.


Get 2 pieces of aloe-vera, cut into pieces and put it in a container add one bottle of original honey and a glass of water. Take half cup of it 2 times daily for one week.


Get some leaves of Cochorus Olitorus (Vegetable Leaf) squeeze out the water and give it to the woman under hard labour. She will deliver the baby instantly.


Get the leaves of pawpaw, scent leaves and bitter leaves, squeeze out the water take half cup twice daily for 4 days.


Get 4-5 cola, ginger and garlic, cut them in pieces mix it with lime orange juice. Take 2 spoons daily for 3 days.


Get some corn silk, boil with lime orange juice. Drink half cup of it daily for one week and also embark on physical exercise.


Mix a native soap with ground potash, add lime orange. Apply the mixture after bath.


Get 3-4 pieces of cola, ginger and garlic, cutinto pieces. Mix everything with lime orange juice. Take 2
spoons daily until it is over.


Get some quantity of dry pawpaw leaves and cashew leaves, boil with water and drink half cup daily for one week.


Add 3 spoons of honey into a glass cup of milk. Take all at bedtime for one week.


Grind 12 bulbs of onions and 12 bulbs of garlic together. Get 3 bottles of honey, mix together. Take 2 spoons thrice daily for 2 weeks.


Get a mixture of lime
juice and honey; let it be of equal quantity. The child should take one teaspoon twice daily until the problem is over.


Get large quantity of guava leaves, pound, add water and filter. Drink one glass cup thrice per day for 1 week. As you are taking that, eat carrot and cucumber daily for 2 weeks.


Get 3 bulbs of Okro, slice them get the dry seed of it, ferment everything with soda water for 2 days. Take half cup daily for one week.


Get 6 bulbs of white onions, grind and extract the juice. Mix the juice with honey. Take 2 spoons thrice
daily for one week.


Get 3 pieces of bitter cola, some ginger and garlic, grind and add lime juice .Take 2 spoons twice daily for one week.


Get one onion, small garlic and
ginger, grind all. Mix with palm kernel oil. Give the child to drink and use the mixture as cream for the child.


Rub the affected area with pure honey daily.

  1. HAIR BREAKAGE Get one bottle of olive oil and one bottle of honey. Mix together and warm it for few minutes. Use the
  2. mixture to wash your hair.

Grind bird pepper, unripe pawpaw seed and mix with lime orange juice. Use the mixture to rub the head, hair will start growing in the affected area.


Eat about 20 pieces of unripe palm kernel seeds everyday for about two months.


Get some quantity of pumpkin leaves and garden egg leaves, squeeze out the liquid, add milk. Drink it for
three days; your blood will be boosted.


Apply the aloe-vera gel to the affected eyes every night until the problem is over.


Eat small quantity of ginger continuously for one week.

Daily Watch Press only share as received, but cannot vouch for it efficacy.

COVID-19: Bauchi State Risk Communication Committee Conducts Mega Rally

A report from Bauchi State shows that as part of its renewed commitment towards sensitizing citizens of Bauchi state on all the protocols against infection with the novel coronovirus, the State Task Force on COVID-19 through its Risk Communication, a sub committee has on Sunday evening conducted a mega rally in Bauchi metropolis.

The Chairman of the Risk Communication Committee and State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Honorable Garba Dahiru led the rally alongside SSA Media to the state Governor, Comrade Muktar M. Gidado, State NUJ Chairman, Comrade Umar Saidu as well as other Chairmen of various unions.

Garba Dahiru said the committee is working assiduously to reduce the spread of the coronovirus (COVID-19) across the state.

According to him, the sensitisation rally is to enlighten the citizens on the protocols against infection with the coronovirus especially the use of hand sanitizers, wearing of face masks and maintaining social distancing at public gatherings.

Garba Dahiru also said the administration of Governor Bala Mohammed has provided the enabling environment for the total eradication of the virus in the state.

” I am highly delighted to address you today at the occasion of our mega rally in Bauchi metropolis, we organised this in order to tell the citizens that, COVID-19 is real and we must work together to curb its spread in our society.”

“This rally will afford us the opportunity to sensitize communities of Bauchi metropolis on the COVID-19 pandemic and its negative effect to society.”

” As you are aware, Bauchi State Government under the leadership of His Excellency, is working round the clock to eradicate the virus

As COVID-19 is yet to be over, the Chairman of the Risk Communication Committee insisted that virus is real and stressed the need for people to comply with government’s directives of tackling the disease.

Honorable Garba Dahiru therefore assured that, the committee with the support of the state government, will not relent in mitigating the scourge of COVID-19 in the state.

” I thank all the stakeholders for supporting us towards ensuring the success of this important rally.”

On his part, the Senior Special Assistant on Media to the State Governor, Comrade Muktar Gidado emphasized the need for people of the state to ensure total compliance with the protocols of NCDC against COVID-19 infection.

” As citizens, we should ensure adherence to the COVID-19 protocols, the virus is real and we must protect ourselves against infection.”

The mega rally witnessed large turn out with the participation of critical stakeholders.

The Story: My Birth Story Is a Pretty Crazy One

My birth story is a pretty crazy one. I was scared of childbirth. I DO NOT handle pain well at all. I have been fortunate enough to avoid any kind of surgery or stitches. I cry every time I get a needle. My entire pregnancy I kept asking my doctor how bad labor would be. He responded, “I promise you it won’t be that bad.” Then I would proceed to tell him that I would not have an episiotomy, nor would I have a c-section. I was determined that it was going 100 percent my way.

My doctor and I planned for me to be induced on Friday, December 7th.

My husband took the afternoon off from work on Thursday to spend with me, and we made plans to go out for our “last meal.” Everything was going well until after dinner, my cell rang and it was the hospital. They told me not to come in for my induction in the morning! My spirits were crushed! They told me that they would call me when a bed became available. I knew that the hospital had been on diversion for the past few weeks but it never dawned on me that they would cancel my induction. I called my mother-in-law, who works at the hospital. She told me that they weren’t even taking women in active labor! So my husband and I went home to try to get some sleep, though I didn’t end up sleeping at all.

At 9:15 the next morning, the hospital called and told me to come in. Just as I was about to be shown to my hospital room, a lady came in, pregnant with twins and needing an emergency c-section. She took priority, and I was delayed again. About an hour later I got moved into my room and my induction got started. I, amazingly, only shed a few tears after they finally managed to get the IV into my hand. They started the meds to induce labor and I felt fine. I was feeling light contractions for about the next two hours. I was thinking, “Wow, this is nothing, I can handle this,” but didn’t dare say it out loud, because I knew I was going to be asking for an epidural later.

At 4:30 p.m. my doctor walked in, and I was happy to see him. He checked me and said that he was putting an internal monitor on the baby, and then all of a sudden this horrible pain started!! My doctor had broken my water. I was so upset. I had asked him not to do it unless he was 100 percent sure I was going to deliver vaginally. Well, he knew how I am about pain, so I guess he had his reasons for not telling me. After he did that, the contractions started to become more intense. They told me after an hour and two bags of fluid that I could have my epidural. So I sat there, waiting. The contractions started getting painful after about 20 minutes. I started to hold my breath a little bit throughout the contractions. And my husband was there, telling me to just breathe. Finally after exactly one hour and two bags of fluid I started pushing my call button and asking for my epi!

After I got the epidural, I felt so comfortable that I actually slept (and so did my husband). The only time I woke was when they came in to turn me and check me. I really wanted to have my baby on December 7th, but that dream was fading fast. At about 1:15 a.m., I started to feel a bit more pressure. They checked me and I was not quite there, so the nurse put me into a position where my feet were elevated and my head was lower than the rest of my body. I was skeptical about this but she said it would help me dilate faster. I started feeling sick so they put me back upright, then I started feeling sick every time I reclined and finally I did get sick twice, and after that the nurses let me lie on my side. The nurse left and I tried to get some more rest. About 10 minutes later I felt so lightheaded and about to faint, the monitors are going off and the nurse rushed in and put adrenaline through my IV. Apparently my blood pressure had dropped to a dangerous level. After that ordeal, I started to feel these twinges in my lower right side. So I got a booster from the anesthesiologist and felt fine. After I got my booster, my progress was checked and I was ready to start pushing, so my doctor was called immediately.

The nurse got my husband, Stevan, to come over and they told me to try a few pushes. I started to push and after two pushes she said “STOP pushing!” She grabbed my call button and told them she needed another nurse NOW and to break the bed down. I was like, “I feel pressure and I need to push!” She insisted that Dr. Jones would be there in a minute. After what seemed like 10-15 minutes, he finally walked in and sat down. The nurse said, “Dr. Jones, you need to get up and come over here and catch!”

I got determined at this point, and was ready to go. I started to push, and I’m pushing with everything in me. Then he tells me to stop! WHAT?!?! Stop why? Apparently, the baby was crowning. Then I was allowed to push again, and out popped Colin. After everything was calm, Stevan called up to the floor where his mom works and called her to come down and meet her first grandson. Colin was born 12/8/07 at 3:44 a.m. He weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces and was 20 1/4 inches long. I didn’t tear nor did I have an episiotomy or a c-section.

I learned so much from this experience. It brought my husband and me to whole new level. I saw a side of him that I didn’t know existed. He was wonderful. He fed me ice chips, and made me as comfy as possible. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. This experience has made be a better, stronger person.

By: Crystal B., Bumpass, Virginia, USA 🇺🇸

Kaduna State: Water Everywhere But Still There Is No Water To Drink

The Role of KADRUWASSA In Response To Contain The Spread of COVID -19 Pandemic In Kaduna State.

Kadruwassa is Ensuring that water and sanitation systems are resilient and sustainable.

During COVID-19 and infectious disease outbreaks, Kadruwassa is assign to come up with an effective emergency response that can expand access to most basic public health interventions.

The agency provide sustainable WASH services by using renewable energy that is facilely to maintain at a time to increase water supply within communities.

This is both a short-term and a long-term requirement to save lives. Undisrupted community water supply chains, including production capacity that needs water, sanitation and hygiene services must be maintained at all costs.

Water, sanitation and hygiene works must also be regarded with sufficient protection to be able to provide us with such services without disruption.

In striving to protect people’s lives and strengthen the health of citizen’s community and support Kaduna State and national health systems in general amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kadruwassa provided water, sanitation and hygiene including utilities and sustainable facilities, i.e. facilities that operate continuously and fully for a long time (solar motorised bore hole and hand pump bore hole), are provided to safeguard the safety and health of individual and communities.

Also the agency is working closely with Washcom and other partners to ensure communities have access to fixed and portable water for drinking, handwashing facilities, soap or alcohol-based hand rubs, and reliable water supplies to enhance health of a community. We are also helping people understand the benefits of handwashing through educational and behavioral tools and tactics.

As we are now facing new, unforeseen challenges with COVID-19, Kadruwassa teams in the field are also providing direct support to the COVID-19 response in kaduna state communities, quickly adapting hygiene promotion to target a broader audience, moving campaigns online given the limitations on face-to-face social mobilization, and putting an emphasis on different transmission pathways of COVID.

Related by: Bilyaminu Abdullahi Snk

COVID-19: Lockdown Continues In Plateau State – Dan Manjang

Gov. Simon Bako Lalong, Plateau State Governor

COVID-19: Lockdown Continues In Plateau State – Dan Manjang – Daily Watch Press

Mr. Dan Manjang, the Hon. Commissioner,
Information and Communication, Plateau State in a statement signed today, reminded the public where he said that:

“You will recall that there is an existing lockdown order in Plateau State with regards to COVID-19 which specifies that the lockdown should be observed on Mondays to Wednesdays, while Thursdays to Sundays are allowed for partial lockdown.

You will also recall that a press release was issued last week outlining the programme of events to commemorate this year’s democracy day and the 5th anniversary celebration of the Rescue administration under the able leadership of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Simon Bako Lalong, KSG.”

He further reiterate on the issue of lockdown that:

“In order to abide by the existing lockdown order, the time table for the inspection and Commissioning of Projects has now been adjusted to when the lockdown is relaxed within the week.

In the light of the above therefore, Government wishes to reaffirm that the lockdown will resume from Midnight of Sunday 7th June, 2020 in line to the existing routine.”

“However, Governor Simon Bako Lalong assures the good people of Plateau State that Government is aware of the inconveniences the pandemic is having on livelihoods and is taking every step to ensure that there is relief.
There is an ongoing engagement with critical stakeholders that will pave the way forward.
While this is being done, citizens are advised to continue to abide by the existing order as security agents will continue to enforce compliance.

The Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Simon Bako Lalong, KSG, once more thanks all and sundry for standing by the government in these trying times.” Mr. Manjang concluded.