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Hon. Yusuf Gagdi Visits Operation Safe HEAVEN, Seeks Improved Security In PANKSHIN, Kanke, Kanam

Flowing from his earlier visit to the Inspector General of Police and the critical meeting of stakeholders of Kanam Local Government Areas in a bid to curb the rising spate of criminal activities in PKK, with particular concern to the incessant kidnappings in Kanam LGA, the member representing Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Rt Hon Yusuf Adamu Gagdi was today at the Operation Safe Heaven (STF) headquarters in Jos, where he held talks with the Commander for a collaborative effort to tame the tide.

The lawmaker commended the commander, Major General Okonko for his efforts to curb the wanton killings in Southern Kaduna, parts of Bauchi and Plateau, and encouraged the commander not to rest on his oars until activities of marauding killers in his areas of coverage are brought to an end.

Rt Hon Gagdi requested for the formation of military checkpoints in Garga axis, Gagdi-Dugub axis and Namaran-Kapel axis, where the kidnappers and other criminals had recently had field days perpetrating their heinous activities.

He said lack of security presence in those axis had encouraged the criminals to execute their missions unhindered, hence observed that when Join Security checkpoints are installed in the areas, the criminals will have to withdraw their activities from those areas or get apprehended by the security apparatus.

While responding, the commander, Major General Okonko promised to hearken to the lawmaker’s request in order to put paid to the criminal activities of bandits in the mentioned areas.

He said his men are well equipped and combat ready to clamp down on bandits and criminal activities in his area of coverage, while assuring that his men will redouble their efforts to ensure improved security in PKK and the whole areas under Operation Safe Heaven.

As Chairman of one of the armed forces committee in the House of Representatives who equally oversight the general activities of the military, Rt Hon. Gagdi was presented with a plague, to honour his visit to the STF headquarters.

Gagdi Media Team.

An Open Letter On The Spontaneous Incidents OF Kidnappings In Kanam


I am writing as a concerned indigene of Kanam. About five months ago, our Local Government Area has witnessed the following incidents of kidnapping;

  1. A Fulani Woman around the bush surrounding Kwalmiya, Gyambar, Bungudu areas around February 2020.
  2. Wife of Tafidan Ghal, (Younger brother to Hon. Gagdi Yusuf) in Gum-Gagdi on 16/03/2020.
  3. Isiaka Garba Birni, he was kidnapped while taking the ransom for the release of the wife of Tafidan Ghal on the 26/03/2020
  4. The Pankwal Bogghom at his Palace in Namaran on 20/04/2020
  5. Dr. Idi Bukdah at his house in Zungum on 06/06/2020
  6. The wife of Alh. Awal Ja’oji at his house in Runji on 20/7/2020
  7. Mr. Ibrahim Kafi, a great philanthropist at his house in Gum-Gagdi on 10/80/2020
  8. Malan Muhammad Maikudi at his house in the early hours of today in Dengi town on 13/08/2020
  9. Alh. Umar Hayi in Dengi town on 16/08/2020

A careful study of the interval of period for every case of kidnapping revealed that in every month there would be one of two cases of the incidence. Now is getting on weekly basis.

In every incidence, huge amount of money in millions were lost for ransom. This is further aggravating the poverty of our people.

Some of the kidnapped persons are still in captivity because the ransom have not been secured.

The need for security is considered to be the most important basic needs among other needs as outlined by many philosophers. Every human being or living organisms are product of a sustained security enjoyed from the womb, childhood, adolescent and old age.

We need security to grow, prosper, make good things work and worship God. Shelter and other necessity of life are all inconsequential in the mid of serious security challenge.

Food security is also part of the components of security challenges and if this kidnapping continue, our farmers in the rural areas would not be spared and we will suffer food insecurity. The end effect of this inflicted calamity would be hunger as well as lost of business men and women. Therefore the importance of security cannot be overemphasize Sir.


Given the reoccurrence of the incidents of kidnapping in Kanam LGA, we wish to sincerely appeal to the following leaders to as a matter of urgency and compassion come to the rescue of the people of Kanam before things get out of hand:

  1. The Executive Governor of Plateau State.
  2. The Senator Representing Plateau Central District.
  3. Hon. Member Representing Pankshin, Kanke and Kanam Federal Constituency PLHA.
  4. The Deputy Speaker and Member Representing Dengi Constituency PLHA
  5. Hon. Member Representing Kantana Constituency.
  6. The Acting Chairman Kanam Local Government Council.
  7. The President Kanam Traditional Council.
  8. Religious leaders. Call for special prayers and fasting. The Emir of Kanam may wish to invite the religious leaders for a meeting with the view to declare two or three days of fasting and prayers for divine intervention against this menace.
  9. Leaders of youth groups to organize special programs that will help in curbing this menace.
  10. Our social media activists in Kanam to please for the sake of this ugly trend in Kanam, dedicate all our social media activism on the issues of kidnapping in Kanam and how to get out of the situation.
  11. We are appealing to all security agencies and concern citizens of Nigeria resident anywhere who have what it takes to please come to our help to get out of this serious security challenge facing us with crippling effects on our socioeconomic wellbeing.

While we will do everything possible within our reach to reach out to the concerned leaders mentioned above, we wish to appeal to all other critical stakeholders in Kanam Project to rise above board as we chant community measures to confront this menace head long.

May Allah in His infinite mercy and compassion help our people out of this painful trial. May Allah expose anyone who directly or indirectly is involved in the planing, execution and perpetuation of this ugly incidents of kidnapping.

ND Shehu Kanam
Community and Rural Development Advocate.


According to Bala Umsan (2005), every people who are where they are today were once settlers. The usual question is who comes first. We are all product of movements, migration, integration and assimilation. The issue of who is an indigenous member of a community or a settler is gradually losing meaning, relevance, and special recognition in a globalizing world with digital economy drive. The role of state in such an economy is becoming more insignificant on daily basis. Boundaries and barriers are gradually withering away and any claim to being original inhabitants or settlers are no longer of any important to addressing issue of economic prosperity, reducing the widening gab between the rich and the poor, achieving peace and security of lives and property.

There is nothing spectacular in being a Khimpyi man, Khinboggom man, Tankwal man, Badawa, Kantana or Garga man. All these division are for some certain political exigencies meant for manipulation and the continued subjugation of the masses and conditioning them to feel secured if it is their kinsman that is holding this position or that. This kind of division is primarily meant to spark unnecessary sentiments and becloud the thinking and sensibility of the disadvantaged members of the society from raising critical question of how to get good governance and effective representation, how to tackle issue of poverty, illiteracy, hunger and diseases.

This section is only interested in knowing the people of Kanam for the sake of understanding our diversity as one of the important factor in which the unification of the land was achieved and for which our generation and that yet to come should reflect upon to forge ahead.

The present day Kanam is a product of many forces and factors. However, the UNIFICATION of the area by PYOKPANG brought about the transformation of the various independent clans to a more organized authority through which today the world viewed us an entity. Revisiting our past does not in any way and means denote that we should go back to the death past. It means to let us look at the past to understand ourselves as a basis for our continued coexistence as a people if we truly mean to pursue the greater goal of a prosperous and strong community where growth and development in all aspects of human lives would be achieved.

In this section, our concern is not about who first settled in the place today called Kanam LGA, who is, and who is not an indigenous member or a settler. We will only take graphic account of the the people who inhabit Kanam yesterday and today. Doing this is very important factor that will enable us to harness the human resources upon which the land can be transformed for the common good of all in this era of knowledge base economy that transcend the shores of enclaves.

We will therefore visit every part of the Local Government Area to know exactly the inhabitants, their rich culture, their environment and indeed their agriculture and economic activities. To be specific, we will not focus on historical origin of these people. What is very crucial is that, today we are all occupying a territory called Kanam LGA.

In our next episodes, we will explore the following areas with the view to know the inhabitants of the areas, major issues of interest that would bring us to limelight as a people, and potentials as it relates to material resources and our wellbeing:


We will under study the Khinang, Dal, Gilong, Bunwur and Mun areas.


We will visit the following communities; Gyambar, Gwamlar, Yugur and Gumshar areas.


We will reach out to; Gar, Kass, Namwang, Yuan, Kunkyam, Kyamkurum, Bigyai, Wakat, Jarmai and Bawas.


Consisting of Bangyom, Bazai and Khinkyam areas would be brought to fore.


We will reach out to critical stakeholders of the area to come out with the rich heritage of the people of the area including the Kantana, Takzul, Waan and Yangkam respectively.


We will study Garga town and surroundings, Kyaram, Munbutbo and Kyansar areas respectively.


Special emphasis would be placed on YAM because of its central place in any discuss about the people who found themselves in Central Plateau today. We will also look at Gagdi, Dugub, Kam, Mbat, and Gidgid areas respectively.

The essence of this study is to expose our potentials as a people and reemphasize the basis of our coming together irrespective of our diversities.

Necessary observations, advice and recommendations would be gladly welcome towards making this project a reality.

Thank you.

ND Shehu Kanam
Community and Rural Development Student.

The Speaker of The House of Reps, Pays Condolence Visit to Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila pays condolence visit to Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi for the passing of his Father Malam Adamu Yusuf.

The member who represent the people of Pankshin, Kanke and Kanam (PKK) in the House of Representatives lost his father on the 16th July, 2020.

Hon. Yusuf announced the speaker’s visit and his appreciation for the said visit by the speaker and other members yesterday on his Facebook page. Where he said:

“The Honourable Speaker, my boss Rt. Hon Femi Gbajabiamila was at my residence yesterday with other honorable colleagues to condole me over the death of my father. I’m very grateful, it is well appreciated.”

May the soul of Malam Adamu Yusuf and all departed faithfuls rest in Jannatul Firdaus.

Breaking: NNPC Discovers Crude Oil In Kanam and Wase LGs of Plateau State

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), said on Saturday 20th June, 2020, that it is exploring for oil and gas in Wase and Kanam Local Government Areas of Plateau State. The NNPC said Wase and Kanam, which are parts of the Upper and Middle Benue Trough. have oil and gas prospects capable of contributing to the economic growth of the country.

The exploration exercise was disclosed on Saturday when the Management of the organisation paid Governor Simon Bako Lalong a courtesy visit at Government House, Little Rayfield, Jos. The Group Managing Director (GMD) of the NNPC, Mele Kyari through the Group General Manager (GGM), Frontiers Exploration Services, Abdullahi Bomai, while highlighting on the development, stressed that NNPC has acquired and used modern equipment which has resulted to the identification of hydrocarbon materials in the Upper and Middle Benue Trough.

Mr. Bomai, added that the NNPC has identified additional oil and gas province known as the Kolmani discovery in addition to those of the Niger-Delta as well as increase the worth of the Benue Trough with a billion barrels of oil reserves among others. While emphasising on the readiness of Government to cooperate in the process, Kyari also assured that the NNPC will engage people of Plateau, both skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers in different operations in the two identified LGAs.

Commenting on the development, the Governor of Plateau State who was represented by his Deputy, Professor Sonni Tyoden, commended the NNPC for such untiring efforts, noting that under the leadership of Mele Kyari, the organisation had done exceedingly well in identifying and unraveling geological deposits in the Upper and Middle Benue Trough.

One Wonderful Year In Office of A Quintessential Legislator – Buhari Zakari

Buhari Zakari With Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi, House of Reps Member Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam.

One Wonderful Year In Office of A Quintessential Legislator – Buhari Zakari

Happy one year of quality representation. One year of massive youth and women empowerment. One year of unlocking golden and life changing opportunities for your people. One year of of projects execution and assisting the people and identifying with them in times of need.

PKK now have a voice that echoes and translates into motions, bills and laws which have direct bearings on the lives of the people. Your one year in office is worth more to celebrate. You are a worthy ambassador of your people.

The unprecedented achievements recorded during that period do not just happened. They are the products and functions of a combination of strong commitment, dedication, resilience, passion and desire to succeed. You have demonstrated within your first one year in office, the strongest political will to achieve more great things and to bring a lot of development to your people.

We appreciate God and thank Him for your life and for your health and energy. We also congratulate ourselves for having you as our representative and congratulate you for making the desired impacts.

May Allah continue to protect and guide you. May He also open more windows of opportunities for you and give you more wisdom, energy and ability to explore them for the good of the people.

In God we trust!


Hon. Yusuf Gagdi: One Year Score Card
In The House of Reps – DAILY WATCH PRESS

Following the Electoral victory of Rt. Hon. Yusuf Adamu Gagdi on 23rd February 2019 and subsequent inauguration on the 11th of June 2019 as the Honorable member of the 9th Green Chamber Representing Pankshin, Kanke and Kanam Federal Constituency, he was faced with the daunting task of meeting the plethora of Needs and Expectations of the thirty-six (36) Federal wards and three hundred and fifty-seven (357) polling units of his Constituency with their peculiarities.

But with four years of experience as a State Legislator; almost two of it as the Deputy Speaker, he came on board fully armed with rudiments needed for optimal performance. Also, his extensive tour of the four angles of PKK during the campaign gave him an insight on the critical needs of his constituents.

In order to lay a Solid ground for participatory representation where the constituents would always have a say on how their voices will be aired on the floor of the House and most importantly, the freedom of choice of the projects to be cited in their various domains, Hon Gagdi came up with an innovative idea, the first of its kind… The Local Government Legislative Blueprint Committees… who interfaced with the various communities in their respective areas and had fashioned out a working document that would serve as a menu of what is to be served to the various communities as Constituency development projects/Needs. This Novel approach is to avoid wastage of government scarce resources by foisting projects and programs on the constituents where they may not be needed and end up not being of any impact on the people and to the community.

The LGAs Legislative Blueprint Committees worked tirelessly and obtained list of projects/needs directly from the communities of their respective LGAs, discussed, analyzed and produced a comprehensive report to the Central PKK blueprint committee who further scrutinized and harmonized the various reports into a blueprint compendium for the whole Constituency.

The chairman for the Central blueprint committee was a one-time Secretary to Plateau State Government(SSG) Nde John Gobak OFR, mni while Hon. Diket Plang served as the secretary.

The compendium identified needs centered on Rural roads, Housing, Electricity, Education, Youth and Women empowerment, Health, Water and Agriculture etc.
Many of these developmental projects will litter the length and breadth of PKK when the implementation of the capital expenditure of the 2020 budget begins (any moment soon) and throughout the subsequent years that Rt.Hon. Gagdi will be serving in the 9th Green Chamber Gods willing.

Immediately after his Election to the exalted seat of the House of Representatives, even before his inauguration; Hon. Gagdi in his usual God given proactive manner started building bridges and extending hands of friendship across many members-elect, that resulted in him becoming a strong voice within the circle of new members.

Coming from the position of strength within the rank of fresh members, he demonstrated absolute loyalty and commitment in the build up to the election of principal officers of the National Assembly. His competence, dedication, loyalty and capacity was rewarded firstly as a member of the House of Representative ad-hoc committee on media.
Upon the constitution of the house standing committees, he was made the chairman of the house committee on Nigerian Navy and member of 18 other committees among which are; the committee on Army, Petroleum Upstream, Capital Market, Pension, Banking and Currency, National Security and Intelligence, Police, Works, Rural Development and others.


Despite the none official release of Finances for Constituency projects, Hon Gagdi has built an examination hall for KADA Special Academy Dengi, in Kanam LGA. A school that is providing free Secondary Education to orphans and children of the less privileged.

He has completed the building/renovation of the Palaces of some Traditional Rulers across the constituency. While some are ongoing. An exercise he tagged traditional institutions intervention phase 1. The phase 2 and 3 will commence this year 2020.


Being a Youth himself and having known what is meant to be poor, Gagdi understood that the sure way towards emancipating people from the shackles of poverty is through gainful empowerment which job placements serve that purpose perfectly well.

He was and is always on the move, from one Ministry, Department, Agency or Parastatal of Government …seeking and lobbying for job opportunities for the teaming unemployed populace of his constituency and beyond. He will kneel and bend to be rode upon; in some instances, even ridiculed and looked down upon, but he endured for the sake of his people. Through that Resilience, Doggedness, Patience and Benevolence, over 200 people mostly within PKK Constituency and beyond got gainfully employed with different agencies of the Federal government, The Military and Police just to mention a few.

He had assembled a team of 25, comprising Young, Vibrant and Intelligent Youths as his Aides with 20 of them to be paid from his personal purse while the rest of the 5 would be paid by the National Assembly Service commission … All in a bid to creating more job opportunities for the Youths and exposing many of them to community development processes and National politics.


  1. MONDAY 23rd DEC, 2019

Official Unveiling of the Constituency Legislative blueprint and Distribution of Christmas items (1200 bags of Rice, 28 Cows and some amounts of Cash) to Christian faithfuls, Religious institutions, and Traditional institutions within PKK and issuance of Appointment letters at the Nefur arena, Pankshin LGA.

  1. THURSDAY 23rd JANUARY 2020
    International Press Conference at the Plateau State NUJ Press center on the State of Insecurity in Nigeria and its attendant effect on his Constituency with due attention over the gruesome execution of Late Ropvil Daciya by Boko Haram Insurgents.
  2. MONDAY 24th FEB, 2020
    Youth/Women Agricultural Empowerment Program: Distribution of Water Pumps with Suction hoses, Grammazoe Insecticide, Rice Herbicides, Fertilizers, Grain storage Bags and cash Stipends worth Millions of Naira to over 300 beneficiaries within Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam Federal Constituency.
  3. SUNDAY 26th APRIL, 2020
    Distribution of 3000 bags of 15kg rice and 800 bags of 100kg maize/millet to all the polling units of PKK to help in mitigating the economic hardship associated with the Covid-19 pandemic and in support of the Muslims ummah for the Ramadan fasting at his residence at Dengi, Kanam LGA.
  4. SATURDAY 9th MAY, 2020
    Distribution of palliative support (N700,000.00) to 70 selected social media influencers and bloggers across Party and Constituency lines on the Plateau and N300,000.00 to some selected pressure groups.
  5. SATURDAY 23rd MAY, 2020
    Distribution of 5 million Naira cash and 550 bags of 20kg rice to some Widows, physically challenged and orphans drawn from all the 58 State wards of PKK and also to Muslim faithfuls in the constituency for the Eid-el-fitr Sallah celebration. The distribution was done at Dengi, kwall(Kanke) and in Pankshin. BILLS AND MOTIONS SPONSORED SO FAR THESE 365 DAYS

One of the basic Constitutional Responsibility of the Legislature is the Law Making Process through Bills and Motions, and in meeting with that core Responsibility, Rt. Hon. Yusuf Gagdi has personally sponsored over 10 Bills and some Motions to his credit on the Floor of the 9th Green Chamber in his 1st 365 days in office in which to the glory of God, two of the Bills have already been passed into law, just awaiting Presidential Assent.

Some of His Sponsored Bills and Motions are:

A Bill for the conversion of FCE Pankshin to Federal University of Education Pankshin (Establishment) Bill, 2020.

The Nigerian Police Act (Repeal and Re-enactment) Bill, 2020 which seeks to accommodate community Policing as a panacea to the degenerating state of security in the country (passed into law, 19th May, 2020) awaiting Presidential assent.

The Nigeria Police Academy (establishment) Bill, 2020 which seeks to give statutory backing to the Nigerian Police Academy Wudil (which has been operating for several years without statutory backing).

The Chartered Institute of Finance and Control of Nigeria (Establishment) Bill, 2020

Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (Amendment) Bill. Already passed into law November 2019, awaiting Presidential assent.

A Bill for the Nigerian Steel Development Authority Act(Amendment).

A Bill for the Nigerian Red Cross Safety Act (Amendment).

Bill for the Nigerian Mining Corporation Act (Amendment).

A Motion calling on the federal government to reconsider its security strategies with a view to finding a lasting solution to the various dimensions of the security challenges in Nigeria.

A Motion on the need for urgent investigation into non-remittance of contribution by employers, delay or non-payment of entitlement to pensioners by Pension Funds Administrators (PFAs) and non-adherence to the provisions of Pension reform act 2014 by relevant authorities.

A Motion on the urgent need to investigate the non-inclusion of waste management and disposal in the NLNG train 7 project.

A Motion on the need to investigate excess and illegal charges on the House of Representatives accounts held at various banks in Nigeria.

It has been one year of consummate planning, extensive lobbying and building the right relationship in and out of the National Assembly for the benefit of the people of PKK, Plateau State and Nigeria in general.

Litigations at the election petition tribunal caused some little distractions at the beginning as well but the reaffirmation of the victory earned at the poll re-energized the humane and political will of the Dan Malikin Kanam to provide people centered representation at top speed in appreciation of the love and trust of the electorates… His constituents.

The future is bright for PKK as the people remain central in all the engagements of Dan Majen Jahr.

It can only get better while we all Continually Trust in God.

Source: Gagdi Media Team.


Senator Hezekiah Dimka, Plateau Central & President M. Buhari

Part 2 : The Journey So Far – Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka – Daily Watch Press

Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka was sworn-in on the 11th June, 2019. Since then, he commenced his legislative duties with utmost hard work and dedication. He is guided by the conviction that a life so blessed should be lived in service to others.

Being a trained administrator and icon of development, his performances in the act of legislation so far in spite of his brief stay in the red chambers further demonstrate his untiring resolve to not only improve but to transform the lives of the people of Central Plateau, Plateau State and Nigeria as a whole. The tempo of development, progress and constituency projects in Plateau Central Senatorial District under the Distinguished is steady and unprecedented.

However, may we at this moment for the purpose of constructive engagements and benefit of doubt recall the functions of a Senator as a member of the Red Chambers.

The Senate is one of the Chambers in Nigeria’s bicameral legislature, the National Assembly whose power to make laws is summarized in chapter one, precisely, section 4 of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution (As Amended). The Constitution has vested in the National Assembly the power to make laws for the peace, order and good governance of the Federation.

The Assembly also has broad oversight functions and is therefore empowered to establish committees of its members to scrutinize Bills and the conduct of government institutions and officials. The Constitution confers exclusive powers to the Senate among them; is the power to scrutinize and confirm major appointments of the Executive arm. It is, however, specific about the appointments to be confirmed. They are those of the Ministers, Special Advisers, Ambassadors, and top Judicial Officers heading specified levels of courts, the Auditor-General of the Federation, and the Chairmen and Members of the vital National Commissions.

Since commencement of legislative activities one year ago and in line with his Constitutional mandates, Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka has worked to push forth some initiatives/Bills that appealed to the middle and lower classes. His actions are refined in response to public sentiments aimed at improving the people’s values and specific welfare sectors manifesting his achievements which reflect his legislative interests as education, security, agriculture, women and youth development. These are briefly highlighted:


As a Senator, he serves on a variety of committees and chairs the Senate Committee on Drugs and Narcotics. Though, not given to frivolities, Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka is more on the quiet but visible side. Nonetheless, as an achiever, he is one of the few Senators, the 9th Assembly relies upon to push its agendas. His Bill sponsorship and voting records indicates that he is a loyalist to the Nigerian project. He is considered to be among the most active members of the Red Chambers. Some of the Bills he sponsored and presented on the floor of the Red chambers include:

  • Bill for the establishment of Federal University of Technology Kabwir (awaiting second reading)
  • Bill for the establishment of the institute of information and communication technology Kanam (a degree awarding institution)
  • Bill for the upgrade of NDLEA Training Institute Jos.

Driven by the zeal to give back to his constituency, he became the first among others to establish a constituency office in fulfilment of Constitutional requirements. This office is located at Pankshin. It is furnished and open to all members of the constituency. The office is maned by seven (7) staff drawn from the five (5) LGAs of Plateau Central Senatorial District.


Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka is increasingly known as a trusted and stabilising force within the Plateau Central Senatorial District. This is because of his quick response to calls in events of celebrations and disasters be it man made or natural. He quickly responded when the news of attacks in Bokkos, Kanke and Mangu LGAs got to him. Being the first senior government official to visit the scenes, he donated relief materials worth millions of naira in order to reduce the impact of loses suffered. More important, he forwarded a memo to National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) for appropriate action. On a different occasion, he had course to visit Bokkos when there was a fire incidence in a market.

Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka donated money to those who lost valuables in the inferno. He has also visited and identified with families of who have lost their loved ones. The most recent was the Late Rinji Peter Bala who was murdered by an STF personnel.

A man whose ideologies are people centred, he is unassuming and target driven. His main focus is the wholistic development of the people. He had on different occasions distributed trailer load of food and gift items to the people during celebrations. In one of such occasions, he donated many bags of rice and cows to Christians during Christmas celebration and to the Muslim community, during Salah celebrations.

Currently, Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka is engaging with security agencies to ensure that all the necessary laws and funds needed to ensure the safety of lives and property in the Central zone and the State as a whole, are put in place in order to mitigate future occurrences of security bridges.

Early this year when the Covid-19 infection was declared a global health pandemic, most nations of the world quickly locked down in order to limit the spread of the virus. Nigeria was not left out in the adoption of this approach but this came with unintended consequences of economic hardship. Being a man who cares about the well-being of his people, he cheerfully donated relief materials worth millions of naira as palliatives to the State Government Committee on COVID-19 for onward distribution to the vulnerable people of the State. This gesture was immediately acknowledged by the state governor as he was the first within his political class to have made such significant contribution to the State.

Driven by practical love and concern for the welfare of his people, Distinguished Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka secured and distributed grains and other assorted food items and sanitizers worth over ten million naira (10,000,000.00) to the needy in his constituency.


In order to sustain his people cantered developmental strides across the central zone, he set in motion frameworks which continued to drive the process in fiscal prudence, transparency and strategic intelligence. In doing this, he appointed 117 special aids selected from the 5 LGAs of Plateau Central Senatorial District. This was a purposive action directed towards poverty/unemployment reduction among the youth of Plateau Central Senatorial District. He has established and maintained a vibrant yet, functional liaison offices across the five LGAs of Plateau Central Senatorial District in order to remain not only close to the people he represents but connected as well. This is the reason why most of his developmental approaches are people centred. The Distinguished Senator went on to lobby for permanent and pensionable appointments to some youths with Federal government agencies, ministries and parastatals including higher institutions with a promise and strong indication that more are on the way.


The people of Plateau Central Senatorial District are predominantly farmers who are known for their dedication, honesty and peaceful disposition. Perhaps, these qualities placed them in the fore as people who are thirsty for development. They vigorously eschew things that weaken their greatness and are guided by the believe that patriotism cannot be substituted for any form of divide. They do not doubt the power of collective ideals rather, the people trusted the Senator to be the great force for change and they do not despair but believed in the promise and greatness of Senator Dimka to provide the ideals of governance and quality representation. Distinguished Senator Dimka reciprocated this trust as he is the first among present and past representatives who donated 3 trailer load of assorted fertilizer to the good people of Plateau Central Senatorial District. He followed this up with other financial donations in support of community mobilization efforts and developments with a promise to do more

Indeed, the negative perception of non-performance of the National Assembly has changed remarkably due to the distinguished efforts as exemplified in his numerous achievements in one year in office as the Senator representing the dedicated people of Plateau Central Senatorial District.

The new and exciting leadership direction, enduring stability and credible performance level of the Senator stems in part from the maturity, high sense of responsibility and gravitas demonstrated by Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka in his first year in office.

As we roll into the second year, we are sure he will consolidate and improve upon this foundation to enhance Democracy and its dividents.

Source: Comrade N. D Shehu Kanam, Senior Legislative Aide to Senator Hezekiah Dimka.