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The Poet: The Sky Falls In Rain

The sky falls rain
The rainbow rumbles it,
The sun shines the day,

The moon shines the night,
mood has changed my dawn,
the stars blink my eyes.
my star has left me,
tears flow down to my cheeks.

Memories of my late dad
haunt me in the hood,
we miss him.

We hang in silence,
look forward to hug him again,
it hurts the heart.

On fifth October, twenty nineteen,
cock crow clock ticking,
everyone mourning in the morning.
the time was eight thirty prompt,
my strength has failed,
my appetite has gone.

Blended in bleeding, weeping in grief
I am blunt, the day was grown in grey,
we never greeted to say bye.

Blessing shall be with you,
Paradise shall be your home.

Amin ya RABBIL alamin.

By: Maryam Abdulfatah Makinde & Auwal Uba Mustapha.

The Poet: Nation of Wonders

Ours is nation of wonders
We are rich in nature eat by vultures,

Our culture, it cultivate our nature,
We are rape by accumulators of power,
We are stand still in capture.

Our is vehicle with spare of tyres,
We are helpless with tyreless.

Ours is nation in motion,
When we have locomotion with notion.

Ours is great nation, when there is action,
Ours is nation in detrition by distributors
of division.

Ours is nationhood with hope, when we hook together with our conversation and contribution.

Ours is nation in commotion of corruption.

Ours is nation with agitation of separation,
now our options is to move forward as nation.

We are all actors, as we the conductors
of the nation to be in motion.

Let’s all support our nation.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

Happy @60 Independence!

The Poet: The Flying Goat

The land is deserted,
Encroachment has taken over,
We are drown, down to drought…

Our vegetation has faded for decades.
climate change has changed us.

Even the goat can fly now
from the bare land through
the fence to fetch from tree.

Birds and the bards are envious,
Your song is composed by bard.
Your song is sung by bird.

Hunger has no friend, we are
all hanging in the air, dying for food.

The Leaders cut across religion
or region dine and wine together.

We have become their puppets
by using ethnicity for vested interest.

The land has become dry and brown
they borrow monies without investing.

Save lives with part of the money,
plant more trees, we can flourish.
green land everywhere, can save lives.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

The Poet: Perfection of His Powers

Bloosom by charming air,
Bless by bosom of sea…

Fairing sailor, sails in sea,
Sound has ceased to exist.

Fair tale, in the sea that’s what
I see, sing and dance in the sky.

Narture by nature, tour afar.
I am tored by exciment of the mountain…

Stuck in staring like sculpture,
Ship fairing in the sea is incredible.
If not HE, who! can do that?
Curved and crafted by nature.

Cup of coffee, it’s my favorite.
I am catching cold by the sea side,

Tea can team up the spirit of inspiration.
Seating beside the sea, it’s awesome.

I draw the image with my imagination,
I feel better seeing the image for inspiration, not to impress, for praises…

The wonders of GOD, it’s good…
No one has guts to dare it.
It’s perfection of HIS power.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

The Poet: If I Were A Poem

If I were a poem
I would be sweeter than sweet,
I would meter you in water,
till you sweat, we would meet to be mates.

If I were a poem
I would build you a crib undersea,
It would not crack.

If I were a poem
I would promise you delivering a baby
without pregnancy

If I were a poem
I would make you feel fantastic
in my fantasy.

If I were a poem
I would flight you all over the world
without plight in plane.

If I were a poem
My metaphor would be your name.

If I were a poem
I would paint you with a golden pen.

If I were a poem
I would punch you with rhyming
words of love till you purge,
I would plunge you with spoken

If I were a poem
I would make you sleep like a baby,
wake up on a bed of roses.

If I were a poem
I would entice you to fall in love with me.

If I were a poem
I would propose prose for you to read.

If I were a poem
I would dictate your mind with diction,
in addition, I would be your addiction.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

The Poet: Every Kid Is A Genius

I was a genius of my time,
I was a kid, but I flight kite in the air,
I am the remote control with my force.

I was so fast than plane,
I played with drone without drain,
I am a rod with ton of ideas,
you can’t break me.

Back then I lack the tool to mark,
the map of my boundaries.

I organized infantry to defeat
other kids from my neighborhood.

I go to war without mission only for
missing of my mixing mud and water.

I am so creative right from cradle
I never know, searching for my calling
far across the border, I never bother it’s
right in me, I carry it alone in the gene.

Tap your chest it’s not trap, your
calling is right in you, never search
too far, I have tried the same, it never work.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

The Poet: Poor Man The Milk Cow

The poor man in Nigeria is a milk cow.
I am reared either to be milked or be butchered,
I struggle through thick and thin for my family’s survival
I walk out from home without guarantee of coming back.

I dread man attack but I dread more of the invisible hunger attack
For man has some sense while hunger does not,
Only to be met with ungodly marauders
Who have no conscience if they turned murderers.

I have naught knowledge of my offence
Yet I am made to face the fence,
And naught have I a means of defence.

Government milks me through tax collection
Or they say is form of revenue generation,
A poor man who has little or naught for consumption.

This world is not the ideal abode for me a poor man,
Perhaps I don’t belong here beside any man,
And I should pack all my baggage and go away.

Again transport fare is now a problem,
Despite the covid-19 pandemic,
The driver of Nigerian state has increased fuel price.

Then, where will I go to?
Where will I be safe in my own motherland?
Which of the securities will I trust?
Who would wipe my tears?
Government which makes promises to win my vote?
Rich men with capitalist philosophy?
Or my neighbour which we are in the shoe with?

I guess I have to stay here if this is my destiny,
My North which used to be a sanctuary,
is now a place where the term ‘survival of the fittest’ could practically be brought to bear.

Now, I sleep with one eye closed and the other opened,
Thinking someone might pounce on me at anytime.

If I had the chance again to come back to this world again,
I would choose another.

By: Mahmud Yahaya
A student of Faculty of Law,
Bauchi State University, Gadau.

The Poet: Appreciate God

When you see the
rain drops from the sky,
you will appreciate the
existence of GOD,

The mountain is fixed beneath
of the earth by HIS will,

Thunder strikes with echoes
in our ears by HIS grace.

The Lightining travels by HIS
command, don’t be in travail,

Sun fades away, the moon takes
over the dark, there stars come
it’s the sign of HIS existence.

Rivers form the ocean all HE wishes,
heat comes send away cold there
harmattan comes when you appreciate.

All seasons seal by HIS grace,
life and death HE owns.

Wealth and health HE gives and take,
which of HIS favour will you deny?

All creatures bow to seek for HIS favour.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

The Poet: How I Wish

I wish, I am you
how I wish, you
can feel what I am feeling
I am just a child like you
with same lives but we
live in different world.

I wish, I am safe
in the street, I wish
I have a meal not a meat.

I always go to sleep with an
empty stomach, sounding
like a scooter. You have
both the meal and the meat
to eat. I am a hungry lion.

I wish, you can see how my
heart is melting in hunger
and anger through the glass.

I wish, if you can’t see me in
You, look at the mirror.

You can see a broken heart
with scar, scatter like
a broken mirror.

I wish, I have a shoe to
wear, I roam around bare
footed, you have both the
shoe and the ride.

I wish, I have parents
to lean on, you have
both to call on.

I wish, someone can
feel what I am going
through, I am a insecure child.

How i wish, I can see someone
to call Dad or Mum.

I wish, I have not fall from
tree to be treat like this.

I wish, I have a good living
like other children, I am not a
blind, I see how other parents
are treating their kids with kindness.

I wish, I can hold up my pains to move
on to push to a greater height.

I am a child the memory is fresh,
I wish, I can erase it, in my mind.

I can’t it’s a scar it has stained
to stay, the mind stored it.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

The Poet: Wrinkle In Her Heart

Twinkle ink, wink her eyes,
tears flows she feel flaws
like no clue to clinch,
she broke like glass,

She stitch with etch,
she never thought he will
go for an inch, he flee away.

Soak with sorrow pierce like
arrow, she remain in hollow

She feel her destiny it’s too narrow,
she is destitute never restitute.
she ebb in wretch like rag, he rake.

Monster in human garb, he treat her
like garbage, he gamble her, in games.

He bundle her, like criminal,
bond in bondage in ages.

Ache in her flesh, unleash,
hunt with pains it hurts.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha