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The POET: NEW NIGERIA – Peter Ekpe

They might certainly say the obvious
They think we do less right and more dubious
Like One Aliko Dangote and a million Hushpuppi’s
Please hold on Mr. Racist bobby
We are more than just what stinks
And way above what the west think
You think what defines us is to do what we are told?
Cos our nation is in the market of powerful elites sold
But we are more than civilized
We are an idea in the process of being realized
Our culture strung together in woven aso-oke tapestry
And the colourful design is what makes our history
With influences that range from A to Zed
And yes, we say Zed instead of Zee
We are the brightness of all that is black
The Titans around the world that never slack
Our ambition is called an advisory content
Though we hope for the President that is God sent
Cos we believe in generation beyond our own
Knowing many of us intellectually have grown
Like the Women Gladiators against the democracy of dominatrix
The young generation plotting the graph of our political matrix
Summoning the courage like cathexis
To fight same Politician’s shedding like ecdysis
One day, the take over revolution will be televised
And the balance of restructuring will bring forth a rise
From the battle zone of Sambisa forest
To the borders of eko we shall build a fortress
More than the Danko hills to Munungu mountain peak
And on the country side of the Mambilla plateau we will seek,
Knock, progress, tick tock, tick tock like a clock
Standing for ages in unity like the Olumo rock
Deep inside the ancient Ogbunike cave
To the ambiance of Abuja we will crave
And merry with the bliss of Orido’s palm wine
For our eyes will glisten like the northern sunshine
Because we are myriad choices in the South and West
And million upon million striving voices in the East
Shouting, exploring the earth like merchants
Industrious in the battle of survival we chant
For pacifism and the dividends of democracy
Against bad leaders demonstrating nothing but demo-crazy

By: Peter Ekpe.


Mr. Peter Ekpe, Writer, Poet and an up coming Scholar, Lives in Kaduna State, Nigeria.


The lockdown hunger is a guillotine
The hangman of the poor is the opportunistic robber;
nefarious officials stealing higher than 419ers
Only good at making laws foisted round our jugulars

Why no drums in Nigeria beating the revolutionary alarm
Drums to inspire valour in the youths despite of any harm
Most we all surrender and be dump like this forever?
To the shades of religion, we always seek for cover

The disease of myopia amongst us is in gigantic scale
Not even an atom of our education could keep us safe
Able-bodied men become broken limbs and powdered bone
Most ladies is Nigeria think alike like some Barbie clone

We continue to follow blinding light down a crooked path
The clamour of mammoth poverty will be the aftermath
We are not just cowards only to a virus
caught by shaking hands
For there is no inscription on the epitaph of a common man

After Corona, crime will makeup her face like a naughty street girl
Attracting young bloods, where countless gangs will gel
I see springs of ambition flooded through the gutters
Normal ways of living certainly will begin to stutter

A fresh master plan reverberates in their secret places
And is felt across the globe, testing all races
The pyramid has no place for the ecological balance of the poor
The tales of Revelation makes me ponder more

The exploits of technology brings forth a Savage culture
The media is the make-up artist of the face of a Vulture
To the claws of bio-terrorism, Africa we fall prey
Covid-19 is the confusion and world power are ready to play

Rivers of Tears will be shed and all religion will loudly pray
While our politician’s loot will end-up in a foriengn shopping spray
Like the avowal of failure, we say everything is to blame
Good economy comes with a cost. Are we ready to play it’s game?

So like a trabadour, let my poem traverse the nation
Changing our mindset to start the revolt conversation
The Mutants of corruption have made Nigeria the home to stay
Join the uncanny X-Men to fight and save the day.

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