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The Poet: If I Were A Poem

If I were a poem
I would be sweeter than sweet,
I would meter you in water,
till you sweat, we would meet to be mates.

If I were a poem
I would build you a crib undersea,
It would not crack.

If I were a poem
I would promise you delivering a baby
without pregnancy

If I were a poem
I would make you feel fantastic
in my fantasy.

If I were a poem
I would flight you all over the world
without plight in plane.

If I were a poem
My metaphor would be your name.

If I were a poem
I would paint you with a golden pen.

If I were a poem
I would punch you with rhyming
words of love till you purge,
I would plunge you with spoken

If I were a poem
I would make you sleep like a baby,
wake up on a bed of roses.

If I were a poem
I would entice you to fall in love with me.

If I were a poem
I would propose prose for you to read.

If I were a poem
I would dictate your mind with diction,
in addition, I would be your addiction.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

The Poet: Every Kid Is A Genius

I was a genius of my time,
I was a kid, but I flight kite in the air,
I am the remote control with my force.

I was so fast than plane,
I played with drone without drain,
I am a rod with ton of ideas,
you can’t break me.

Back then I lack the tool to mark,
the map of my boundaries.

I organized infantry to defeat
other kids from my neighborhood.

I go to war without mission only for
missing of my mixing mud and water.

I am so creative right from cradle
I never know, searching for my calling
far across the border, I never bother it’s
right in me, I carry it alone in the gene.

Tap your chest it’s not trap, your
calling is right in you, never search
too far, I have tried the same, it never work.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

The Poet: How I Wish

I wish, I am you
how I wish, you
can feel what I am feeling
I am just a child like you
with same lives but we
live in different world.

I wish, I am safe
in the street, I wish
I have a meal not a meat.

I always go to sleep with an
empty stomach, sounding
like a scooter. You have
both the meal and the meat
to eat. I am a hungry lion.

I wish, you can see how my
heart is melting in hunger
and anger through the glass.

I wish, if you can’t see me in
You, look at the mirror.

You can see a broken heart
with scar, scatter like
a broken mirror.

I wish, I have a shoe to
wear, I roam around bare
footed, you have both the
shoe and the ride.

I wish, I have parents
to lean on, you have
both to call on.

I wish, someone can
feel what I am going
through, I am a insecure child.

How i wish, I can see someone
to call Dad or Mum.

I wish, I have not fall from
tree to be treat like this.

I wish, I have a good living
like other children, I am not a
blind, I see how other parents
are treating their kids with kindness.

I wish, I can hold up my pains to move
on to push to a greater height.

I am a child the memory is fresh,
I wish, I can erase it, in my mind.

I can’t it’s a scar it has stained
to stay, the mind stored it.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

The Poet: Life Has No Guarantee

Life has no guarantee,
guarantor is the death,

Sleeping is a death for a while,
snoring never guarantee your
awake, even though the day will break,

darkness in the night,
might never gurantee
the coming of the light.

In the morning sunshine might come,
stars will appear in the dark hours,
eye might close.

Sorrow might darken your heart,
river will flow for a while.

I might be nija in the dark,
I am soldier in the day.

Tell me a story for while,
who has never die in a history of a man?

I will tell you, the answer is no!

Only The God of alamin is alone,
He is before the humang race,
He be will at the end, He is the
Only One, that will guarantee all lives.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

The Poet: The Taste of Love

I am a player in the game,
I roll her gentling like a ball,
I rob her heart with a love.

I rub her mind with my thought,
I am her daily pill, she wear my
love, on her body like a cream.

She taste my love, she don’t want
to leave, it scent on her skin,
everyone smell it, like a perfume.

Taste of our love it’s so sweet,
I swear we never sweat.

We are so happy, It’s romantic.
Our love story is unique.

Love is sweeter than honey,
We swim in the pool of love.

She crowned me as her king,
I crowned as my queen.

We never quit in our love,
We always listen to our voices
in a quite mood, it’s cool.

By: Auwal Uba Mustapha

The Poet: Unity of Nationality In Diversity

Sentimentality is not maturity because it encourages ethnocentricity and polarity in each locality.

Inequality is an iniquity that hinders our affinity and tarnishes our identity as people with the same nationality.

Our plurality doesn’t mean incompatibility. It is a sign of our fertility and vivacity.

Unity in diversity is neither deformity nor infirmity. It is just an opportunity for realizing our potentiality. It also strengthens our proximity, productivity and capacity.

By: Comrade Muhammed Ishaq

The Poet: The Drowning Watchman

Alas, the watchman was knocked off
from the watchtower.
His nose shining with mixed blood,
of guilt and innocence,
by heavy punch from behind.

Confusion in the game reserve,
what a sight to behold,
when the prey is hunted by the games!
kick him here, kick him there,
with a darling dagger
Stabbed from behind.

He is master of the game,
yet he cannot play the game,
of medieval chivalry,
there are no knights,
no more knighthood.

He is caught in the labyrinth
of inextricably muddy game
of his own making,
so it seems,
yet he cannot escape,
without bruises.

By: Barr. Murtala M. B Ibrahim

The Poet: Hopeful Anxiety

Now on hospital beds, they both lay:
Grandpa’s promise that assured attendance
At my first recital at the end of the school day;
And grandma’s promise to bake the cakes
For my friends who’d come to play.

Then comes the vicious claws of loneliness,
To grip my heart; suppressed by idleness.
The long jealous distance led by this virus
now has an audacious reason
To cut asunder our togetherness.

A thousand questions unanswerable.
Neither when nor how favorable,
could no one account for.
I have to embrace this bitter isolation
And in confusion cry out this sour condition.

Yet even in this corridors of loneliness,
I’m given room to woo lucrative thinking.
I am drowned in ideas that bring me fear,
Fear of the mighty me that had laid hidden,
Hidden for the donkey years I have eaten.

But on my weakest weaknesses
I have built a wall of strength,
I’ve painted it with a realization;
that though deadly, it still, is just a viral pest,
Beatable only by a staunch desire to beat it.

So I’m consoled with an enthusiasm,
Whose flipping fan fans out optimism,
And a fresh air that boldly spells out the fact
That ‘this too shall come and pass’
So now, I live by the breath of a hopeful anxiety.

By: John Ettah & Thelma Moses

The Poet: Tell The Teary, I Died

Tell the teary, I died
Long before their calls
I lost my last strength
In the court of life
I got ousted
My foot slipped at life brawl
I’ve been off my stance
Long before my noisy sprawl

Tell death, I died
Long before it came
I am no coward
I fear not her cain

I fought till my fist
Couldn’t rise again
And my feeble soul rips
Off my dying self
Through a mangled chest

Tell the monster, I left
Times before her claws
Came piercing my lungs
I ended an unending bout
With hope unseen
Or maybe a far!
From my periscope and thoughts

Tell it to the merchants
Of rumours and gossips
I left not for good, nor bad
Tell the Jurists
My fate stands undecided
I left for the land, I want
The land, they all never saw

By: Michael Adesiji

NB: This poem has got nothing to do with the writer’s feelings, thoughts or experience. It’s just what it is, a poem. The information therein should not be taken any serious. Thanks for your understanding.

The Poet: Mother Earth Save Our Father Land

O mother earth
Save our father land
Least we be sallowed
By nature’s gift
This thick cloud
Least we die in cowardice
Never to have a gleams of this paradise
Passing to the next
Same old stories
With the same excerpt
Stories of
Constitutional reviews
Long overdue
With corruption
On our news captions
And deception
Right from the inception
Of a political group
Stories of abduction.

O mother earth
Save our father land
From the impending doom
Of ethnicity and religious intolerance
Teach us the language of brotherhood
Peace and equity
Teach us that unity makes us stronger
While division leads us to the battle front
Teach us that our greatness
Starts from today
For tommorow will never come
Until we quite folding our arms and waiting.

O mother earth
Lead us to thy fountain
Of ever flowing wisdom
For there lies the crown of leadership .

By: Goodness Ekpenyong (The Voice of Reason)