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Why Is Slovakia The Only Country Without A Mosque In Europe?

Islam is a religion which according to the prophet Muhammad (SAW) started with the creation of Prophet Adam, the first man (Human being) to be created by God (Allah) but the same religion found itself around 570 AD with the coming or prophet hood of Muhammad in Arabia, to be precise in Makkah and letter Madinah which served as the first Islamic City. and the followers of Islam are referred to as Muslims, Islam is practiced by more than one billion people in the world and it recognises God the creator, prophet Muhammed as his messenger and the Quran as God’s final words or massage to mankind. The Muslims usually greet themselves with the phrase, Assamu’ Alaikum (peace be upon you) .

However, despite how popular Islam is in the world and the huge number of their worshippers, There is a country in Europe were Islam is not recognized as a religion, has no single mosque and has the toughest laws against Islam in the entire Europe. Below is what you need to know about this country and their hatred for Islam, not withstanding their claim for freedom of thought, conscience or religion among others.

Slovakia is a country in central Europe, it has a population of over 5.4 million people, with 75.9% Christians, 13.4% irreligion and 0.5% others. One thing that terrified me about Slovakia is that Islam is not recognize as a religion and it has no single mosque in the country.

On 30th November, 2016, The Slovakia nation passed a law to totally block Islam from gaining official status as a religion in the country, making it the only country within the European Union (EU) without any mosque despite having the population of over 5,000 Muslims in the country.

Since Islam is not officially recognized as a religion in Slovakia and have no mosque, the Muslims do not receive any financial aid from the government as done other faiths. Hence during Friday or Eid prayers (Sallah) the few Muslims in the country meet in small apartments which serve them as prayer hall and place for religious studies.

Moreover, failing to recognize Islam as a religion means, islamic leaders and Islamic marriages are not recognized, no school is allowed to teach thier student about Islamic faith, thereby denying the students knowledge concerning the historical presence of Muslim in Slovakia.

Why was the law passed

Slovakia politicians sees islam as a “serious threat” due to how mistakenly islam usually get associated with terrorism. With series of terrorist attack in Europe hands keeps pointing at the Muslims as the perpetrators of such act.

However, this made the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico to officially block Islam saying “I am sorry Islam has no place in Slovakia. Its a duty to every politician to talk about these things very clearly and openly, I do not wish there we’re ten thousands of Muslims”.

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Information source : wikipedia.com

World Record: Top 10 Countries With The Highest Female Population

The debate in most countries around the world, is that there are more men than women, but countries with more females are also many, study shows that the difference is not desirable, the number of men are slightly more than the number of women in the world as a whole.

However, according to the world bank data, there are countries where females are more than men. These countries also have large number of educated women that have high level of income but cannot find partners.

Here are 10 countries where women outnumber their men:

10. Aruba

This is a tiny dutch island off the coast of Venezuela, have long beaches and sunny weather. Women make up 52.50% of the population and the number of women in the workforce is increasing. Women outnumber men in services and sales position.

9. Portugal

This is a country that is known for it’s lovely climate, beautiful beach, resorts, beautiful architecture, a vibing culture and attract millions of tourists every year. Women make up 52.70% of the population.

8. Hong Kong

Formal british colony in South eastern China. Women in Hong Kong make up 53.10% of the population. The figure of single Hong Kong women living alone increased to 43.8% during the past 3 decades. Women in Hong Kong have now become financially independent and career focused.

7. Estonia

This is a country in northern europe, the proportion of the female is 53.20% of the total population. According to the statistics, Estonia has one of the highest rate of literacy for women in the world and they have very beautiful and intelligent women.

6. Russia

Russia is a country in eastern Europe and north Asia, women in Russia make up 53.3% of the total population. The gender ratio in Russia is currently 86.8 men per 100 women.

5. Armenia

Located between Asia and Europe and a former Soviet republic. Women in Amernia make up 53.60 of the population. Women in Armenia have gained prominence in entertainment, politics and public field.

4. Ukraine

A large country in eastern Europe, known for its black sea coast line and forested mountains. Women in Ukraine make up 53.70% of the population. Women life expectancy in Ukraine is 74 years.

3. Curacao

A dutch carrabean highland known for its beaches and it’s expensive buildings rich with Marine life. Their female population is 53.90% of the total population. The majority of women here are between the ages 15-64 years.

2. Lithuania

In Lithuania the case is not different when it comes to the camparison between the male and female population. The female population here is 54.00% of the total population.

1. Latvia

Located between Lithuania and Estonia, it’s land scape is marked by wide beaches and rainforests. The proportion of the females is 54.10% to the total population.