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The Story: Jungle Justice Against

On the 17 december, 2017, my friend and I were in his car looking for an ATM that is paying because of panic withdrawal for the festive season. We decided to follow through Halima junction, the road leading to Barnawa and High-cost; hoping the ATM there has cash.

At Halima junction, we met a large crowd of people. I quarried my friend to stop so I can find out what is happening. Behold, it was a petty thief. He stole a small tiger generator from a provision store. The area boys stripe him naked and beat the hell out of him, using sticks, Stone and anything they could lay their hands on. I moved through the crowd and saw the thief, he was almost lifeless.

I made effort to talk to the guys involved in lynching him. But I was warned to leave. I hurried to my friends car and pleaded with him that we should report the case to the police station in Sabo. Before we could revise the car towards Sabo. They were already buying fuel to burn him and dragging him across the road towards the Tipper garage close to the bridge.

My friend had to increase his speed until we got to the station. I ran into the station and reported the case. The police were prompt. Within a minute they mobilize and jump into their security van, blaring the sirens; they headed to the address we gave them.

We got to Halima in 15 minutes time and the police arrested the situation. In my life, I have never being impressed. I appreciated the police. Our leap of faith saved a man’s life and that night, I felt responsible as a Nigerian and pray the criminal will face the law and serve his punishment.

Here we are with another Jungle Justice carried out by stupid citizens that feel they have the right to cast the first stone. The boys in the disturbing picture below stole food items and they were burnt alive by humans.

Whatever the crime, there is no justification to jungle justice. If you like, say thieves don’t have mercy on people. We still don’t have the right. We are not in the island of
“The Lord’s of the flies” where we turn to savages for no just cause.

If citizens have this kind of frustration to vent out on teenage boys like this, burning them alive; have they thought of using this energy to confront the bigs thieves in Nigeria. One fainted during a meeting with a panel on misappropriation of NDDC fund amounting to 81.5 billion. Not even a single protest to seek for justice.

This stupid citizens will not use such energy to pressure their constituent head on what their constituency allocation is and the projects it’s being used for. Their frustration can’t hurt the super thieves and gangsters in government but they are always quick to swing into action against area thieves.

Here we are again, with a horrible scene of the killing of two boys alleged of stealing food items. Kai! Who do us? The crowd of people there, did they just stay to watch the tragic drama without making any efforts to report to the authorities or they were just there taking pictures of the sad event?

The Christians there will go to church tomorrow and pray and shout oh Lord. The Muslims there will go to mosque and pray to Allah. My question is, where is our humanity? It is our Civic responsibility as a people to report to the police if we can’t arrest such situations.

For the record, the people involved are not different from the bandits and herdsmen killing citizens. And incase there stupid sense don’t know, they have just committed murder and the two boys blood is on their hands.

Source: Culled from Pater Ekpe

The Story: Uncle Steven Goes To Mosque Every Friday To Organise Worshippers’ Shoes

The Story feature Uncle Steven today because of his little but huge act of religious tolerance, though the story happened about five months back or thereabouts in Singapore, but it possess huge lessons on how our people need to view themselves in the light of religion.

The story reads:

A non-Muslim man, known as ‘Uncle Steven,’ has been spotted outside Al-Mawaddah Mosque in Singapore neatly organising worshippers’ shoes into rows.

He was stopped by Irfan Musthapa, who highlighted the incident on Facebook.

Mustapha said he sees the man every week at the Mosque doing the same thing.

“Braving the blazing sun, plus some haze today, on his bare feet atop heated concrete, soaking wet clothes, hundreds of curious stares, he squats from slipper to slipper, arranging them for easy retrieval after prayer,” Mustapha wrote.

When asked why he does it, Uncle Steven’s response was simple:

“Oh, looks neater.”

He says he tries to come every Friday and that he lives nearby.

Mustapha said that he was touched and inspired by Uncle Steven’s gesture

“Noticing Uncle Steven, I can’t help but admire his actions in front of and for a people of different faith,” Mustapha wrote.

He added: “Diversity transcends boundaries and Uncle Steven is testament of that.

“It’s the littlest of deeds that matter and I’m sure there’s something we can appreciate, honour and perhaps replicate from Uncle Steven, for each other…”

Source: Muslim Players

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The Story: My short political LIFE; Born to serve!

Comrade Sixtus Omokhagbor.

I am Comrade Omokhagbor Sixtus, a 2007 graduate of Business Administration from the premier University, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. While in school, I learnt the Northern man kind of politics of inclusiveness. I was the Class Representative from 100 Level to 400L, I was an active Unionist.

  1. PRO National Universities Association of Management and Business Students (NUAMBS)
  2. Secretary, Editorial Board of Akugbe Magazine of Edo State Students’ Association EDSSA
  3. Secretary, Edo State Students Association, ABU Zaria
  4. Senator, National Association of Nigerian Students NANS
  5. National Secretary, National Association of Okpekpe Students
  6. PRO 1 ABU Zaria Students’ Union Government
    7.Vice President 11 ABU Zaria Students’ Union Government
  7. Member, ABU Zaria Management Committee on Direct Drugs purchase for the University clinic
  8. Member, ABU Zaria hostel accommodation allocation committee
    Won the Most Popular Student on Campus Award amongst other too numerous to mention.

During my NYSC year, I was elected as the President of the UNICEF Peer Educators Trainers (PET)Zamfara State and Secretary General, The Redeemed Christian Corpers Fellowship (RCCF)

My stint into circular politics in 2012, I contested the Ward 10 Councillorship though I was the most popular candidate, I was rigged out for a 56 years old man.
My little contributions to my people

  1. Over the years from 2013 when I was a Senior Special Assistant to the Edo State Governor on Sports; I was able over the years given admission to our people over 102 students into AAU Ekpoma, Auchi Polytechnic and University of Benin.
  2. Made free school uniforms for 202 pupils in Edokha Primary School, Ukhomedokha and Ikpeli Primary School, Ikpeli both in Okpekpe.
  3. Scholarship to 65 pupils and students who are orphans in my school and other schools
  4. Free WAEC Enrolment to 4 indigent students in 2020 academic year.
  5. An employer of labour.
  6. Community service over the past 15 years in Okpekpe.
  7. Avail Okpekpe people employment opportunities when ever available in Edo State and outside.
  8. Occasional free food stuffs for old and vulnerable people in my community.
  9. Free tutorials to students of my community schools.
  10. Provision of sporting materials for all schools in Okpekpe and the village football teams free jerseys.

In this short period, I have been able to impart on my people.

In 2009, I established a Private school meant for the poor in my community Great Union Academy Group of Schools, Ebelle and Okpekpe. The school fee is N1,200 for pupils in Nursery and Primary Sections while the secondary school students pay N1,800.
The school is a Government,WAEC and NECO accredited in its permanent site with modern structures and facilities.

Special thanks goes to God who has been merciful and my wife who had stood by me.
My Late Mother who never seized pray for me while she was alive.

Mike Itemuagbor my Boss, Barr. Sylvester Imhanobe, Hon. Benedicta Ebuehi, current Chairman Etsako East who always call me Ambassador, Ede Donaldson Eshilamah, HRH Onwueweko of Okpekpe, the Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki,Edo State Deputy Governor Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu, Edo State SSG Barr. Osarodion Ogie and Head of Service Anthony Okungbowa,Prof. Julius Ihonvbere former SSG Edo State,Comrade Adam’s Oshiomhole who I served as SSA, my colleagues in the office Mrs Sabina Chikere, Emma Akhaba, Charles Olubayo and a host of others.

I am advocate of good governance and people oriented personality.

I am resident with my people in Okpekpe.
I am happily married to the wife of my youth Pastor Mrs Sarah Omokhagbor and blessed with 4 children.

Long Live Okpekpe,
Long Live Etsako East,
God bless Edo State,
God bless Nigeria.